How To Factory Reset Google Phone

How To Factory Reset Google Phone

Sometimes, when a mobile user finds her  phone in trouble, most users choose the Factory Reset again as to fix her phone in no time. Another good reason, Will return as output from the factory, like new smartphone. 

However, you should know before you reset the factory settings Google pixel do, you should avoid all the files and information secure data loss. How to backup data on Google Pixel back is Reset > Settings > Backup. 

How To Factory Reset Google Phone
How To Factory Reset Google Phone

Follow the instructions for How To Factory Reset Google Phone below. There are two ways to make the factory reset, here are 2 ways to do a factory reset:

Factory Reset Google Phone Without Buttons

  1. Open the pixels or pixel XL notification section and select the gear icon to open the settings.
  2. From the settings page, select Backup and listed under User and fuse reset
  3. Make sure that all were secured to the bottom of the screen, the key, and then select Reset Device.
  4. Select Delete all and wait for the process to end and restart the phone.

Google Pixel Factory Reset Buttons

If you do a Google Pixel Factory Reset , but you get that touchscreen is not responding, so that the problems menu have access to, or maybe you forget your lock pattern, then you should do is Google Pixel Factory Reset Buttons by hardware key.

  1. Turn pixels or XL.
  2. Hold the Up volume, home button and power buttons at the same time until you see the Android icon.
  3. With volume down select data / factory reset and press Power button swipe to select it.
  4. Leiser highlight With Yes – delete all user data and press the power to select it.
  5. Once pixels or XL is restarted, then use key power which, to select it.
  6. If pixels or XL restarts, everything will be cleared and will be ready to be reinstalled.

Choose one of the methods above, do it right. Usually will make a solution. But How To Factory Reset Google Phone can result if the data is deleted. So you have to be careful.

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