Google Pixel 5a instruction manual

Google Pixel 5a Instruction Manual

As a beginner who is using a Google smartphone for the first time, follow the steps for the Google Pixel 5a instruction manual.

The setup instructions for Google Pixel 5a 5G will be very helpful, what steps to take. This instruction manual is very simple, hope it helps.

Google Pixel 5a instruction manual
Google Pixel 5a instruction manual

1. Network Setup

Firstly, connect to a mobile network. I’m going to skip that for now let’s connect to and wi-fi.

I’ll let you know one more thing the screen is 60 hertz so this is not 90 or 120 this is a regular 60-hertz display refresh rate.

2. Copy Data Setup

Pixel 5a 5G is getting ready, all right so we can actually copy data from another phone. we’re not going to do that we’re going to skip. we’re going to set up a brand new phone don’t copy.

3. Sign in to Google Account

So the setup process continues and of course it’s going to ask me to sign in to my Google account.  so we are logged in and then tap yes. Google can track my every move all right so that’s all good to go I’m going to tap on agree and the setup is now continuing. 

Next, use all these google services for now. and tap on accept. 

4. Lock Screen Options

After That set the screen lock. So look at these screen lock options, we have the pattern, pin, and password. For a simple one just going to do a basic pin for now.

5. Fingerprint Setup

Then it’s going to ask do you want to use the pixel imprint, which is the fingerprint sensor on the back. 

I’m going to skip that, for now, we all know how that works nice and easy super fast on this Fingerprint Sensor.

Let’s continue setting up, we’re just going to say leave and get a reminder later. I hope the Google Pixel 5a instruction manual will be helpful for those who are buying this smartphone for the first time.

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