Google Pixel 5 Split Screen

Google Pixel 5 Split Screen

Lets go ahead and show you exactly how to Google Pixel 5 Split Screen. Besides This mode and this steps so probably work on literally any other newest android smartphone.


As well but specifically for the split screen Pixel 5 right now. so what you want to do is load up two apps in the background for this.


Google Pixel 5 Split Screen
Google Pixel 5 Split Screen

Basically that are technic suitable with Google Pixel 5 split screen. so applications like the camera and the different things like that.


You’ll see they don’t necessarily work with Pixel 5 split screen. but things like the play store messages, twitter, things like that those do work for.

So what you want to do is you want to go ahead and open up the 2 apps. That you want to have in the background. 

That you want to Google Pixel 5 Split Screen, so let’s just go and use play store for example. Then follow this steps.

  1. Firstly open up chrome as well so we’ll go ahead and open that right here.
  2. That out of the way what we can do is we can go and hop out of here and we can go and go into our ‘multitasking panel’.
  3. now what we want to do first is find the app that we want up top and then the app that we want on the bottom.
  4. Then select the Google play store to be on top.
  5. Lets See, what we would do is go over here at the very top you can see this little Google play store icon.
  6. After that you’ll get this little drop down.
  7. it’ll say app info but also say split screen.
  8. Go ahead and then Tap on Split screen Pixel 5.
  9. Which applications do you want on the bottom.
  10. so in this case we can go and have this applications on the bottom or we can have any of these other applications.

However you want to do split screen on Google Pixel 5 you can do it like that which is really cool just drag this up and down. now if you want to hope out of this app what you do is just hope out of it just like any other app.

Hope out of here you can go and drag this down all the way. and that will pretty much make it so it’s back to full screen. and you can go back to any to any other app and like I said you can do this to any app that’s compatible and suitable. It’s very easy not to do a Google Pixel 5 Split Screen. 

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