Google Pixel 4A User Manual Free for Beginners

Google Pixel 4a User Manual

This Google Pixel 4a user manual is for beginners because a lot of people are confused about where to start. What can pixel 4a do? Check it out.

Google Pixel 4A User Manual
Google Pixel 4A User Manual

There are several how to use Pixel 4a for those of you who have just bought a Google Pixel smartphone. Some settings that you need to know to get maximum results.

  1. Setting Night Sight Mode and Astrophotography Mode. Open Camera app, Then swipe across to the Night Sight mode, But for very dark scenes you’ll be offered the astrophotography mode.
  2. Setting the Recorder app. This very sophisticated recording application already uses Google’s AI, making it easy for you to transcribe audio in real time, so that it can easily convert audio into text.
  3. Setting Now Playing feature. Look for Sound from Settings, then choose Now playing.
  4. Live Caption Setting. Going to Sound then Live Caption in Settings. then You can turn live captioning on or off.
  5. Change the live wallpaper On Pixel 4a.
  6. Setting the always-on display. Tap Idle lock screen on Pixel 4a to make your choice.   

How do I customize The Home Screen Google pixel 4a?

  • Add, Move, & Remove an App.
  • To add an app to the Home screen,
  • swipe-up from the center of the Home screen
  • to access the Apps Tray,
  • select-and-drag the desired app
  • to the desired location on the Home screen.
  • To move an app, select-and-drag the desired app
  • to the desired location.
  • To remove an app from the Home screen,
  • select-and-hold the desired app then drag to “Remove”
  • at the top of the screen.
  • To uninstall an app, select-and-hold the desired app,
  • then drag to “Uninstall”,
  • select “OK” to confirm.

How to Customize Wallpaper Pixel 4a?

  • To change the wallpaper,
  • select-and-hold an empty part of the Home screen,
  • select “Styles & Wallpapers”,
  • navigate to and select the desired wallpaper.
  • Video wallpapers and motion effects
  • can increase battery consumption.
  • Select the Checkmark icon,
  • to change the Device Style,
  • select the “Style” tab,
  • select the desired style,
  • select the “Checkmark” icon.

How do I Turn on Gestures Google Pixel 4a gestures?

Gestures is an advanced technology created by Google. You don’t need to touch the flagship directly.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap System.
  • Click Gestures.
  • Scroll the System Navigation.
  • Gesture navigation


It sounds strange when you cannot find a Google Pixel 4a user manual. But, it is true because Google never provided it since the first series (Pixel 1). The user guide is not available in PDF file and only gives online support. 

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