Google Pixel 4a Instruction Manual For The First Unboxed

Google Pixel 4a Instruction Manual

We’ve just unboxed the Google Pixel 4a now, let’s get into the initial settings. all right guys so we’ve just unboxed the pixel 4a. I really wanted to do the initial walk through and Google Pixel 4a Instruction Manual. and see what you get out the box if you START off from a fresh.

Google Pixel 4a instruction manual
Google Pixel 4a instruction manual

Now let’s just skip that the wi-fi is not working because we’ve just had an outage here. so my files is not working at the moment. let’s just skip everything and let’s just see exactly what you get accepting your life away here.

It’s asking for your screen lock one thing. that I did forget to add to the unboxing is that it does have a fingerprint scanner in the back. you can see it was pretty fast you do have you do have a setup already. now let’s just take a look at the apps that come out the box.

So you have just all google apps we don’t have any type of bloatware apps no video games or nothing like that so you have your essentials which is absolutely perfect and that’s one of the things i really like about google phones.

How do I transfer data to a new Pixel Phone?

  • Connect your old phone to your New Pixel 4a with the Quick Switch adapter.
  • Plug USB A into the Adapter Installed on the Pixel Phone then Micro USB to the old Phone.
  • Don’t forget to Unlock your Pixel Phone.
  • Tap Copy, to continue to Copy Data.
  • Enter the credentials when requested by Google.
  • After that Select “Choose what to copy” from the old device to your New Pixel Phone.

After the Google Pixel 4a instruction manual process for setting the first time you have passed. How, did you succeed. If you have any problems, please post a comment below.

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