Google Pixel 4 xl ip Rating : wow 60 Seconds in Water

Google Pixel 4 xl ip Rating
Google Pixel 4 xl ip Rating

Google Pixel 4 xl ip Rating

Google Pixel 4 xl ip Rating | Really, no smartphone is actually waterproof. However Google Pixel 4 is actually water resistant. It has actually an IP68 rating which implies it can easily get depths as much as 1 meter (3.2 feet) for thirty minutes.

Pixel 4 phones are actually developed to become water-resistant. However typical wear and tear can easily decrease water-resistance. To assist your Pixel smartphone final much a lot longer, prevent activities that might result in water damages.

The phones are actually equipped along with a water-resistance rating of IP68, which implies that you could get all of them under water as much as one meter (~3 feet) without issue.

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Can I take pictures underwater with my Pixel 4 xl?

Google’s Pixel phones are getting more cool features. With the Kraken Sports’ Universal Smart Phone Housing to protect the phone from the water.

divers can capture underwater images with the Pixel’s Night Sight, Portrait Mode, Motion Photos and video.

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Google Pixel 4 xl ip Rating : Test

so the doing water test for Google Pixel 4 xl and gonna drop in the water for a minute. let’s see if it’s gonna survive is it has ip 68.

great test for the water resistance, so let’s start by throwing into the water for a minute. 

Pixel 4 xl ip Rating
Pixel 4 xl ip Rating | Source Youtube Channel: all about phones

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Lets see if there is any bubbles anywhere coming on, nope okay let’s start minute. 

There is any bubbles anything coming on it looks pretty good guys this can just turn off its completely water resistant. 

looks pretty good thirty seconds left 10 more seconds, it’s been for a little bit longer my time I started timer.

Google Pixel 4 Waterproof

The second number after the words “IP” is the rating of resistance to liquids. Some smartphones are now rated between 6 and 8. Like Google Pixel 4 waterproof.

For example your Google Pixel’s IP rating is IPX6, Pixel 4 waterproof and capable of withstanding the equivalent of a 12.5mm wide stream of water from all directions.

There are also some smartphones using the IPX7 and IPX8 standards. Pixel 4 xl waterproof one of these categories.

At IPX7, you’re looking for a qualified two-factor resistance. This phone is able to survive when submerged up to 1 meter for less than 30 minutes.

While IPX8, your device can withstand more than 1 meter.

Unfortunately, this can mean anything from 1 centimeter to one meter to even 2 meters, with that exact rating for the Google Pixel 4xl.

Remember, this rating is meant to indicate water resistance, meaning Some Google Pixel smartphones are not waterproof.

However, the Google Pixel 4 XL is IP68 dust/water resistant (up to 1.5m for 30 minutes).

The Pixel 4 water resistance will be resistant to a certain degree depending on its IP rating.


Google Pixel 4 xl ip Rating test Finally let’s stop it, let’s finish this off now we can pull it out from water. This Pixel 4 xl is still works let’s wipe it we’ll make sure this screen is good. 

just towards the camera see, if camera works yeah camera is good. After this test, the speakers to get some fills like there’s water and the speakers that’s actually fine.

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