Easy Ways How To Factory Reset Google Pixel 3

How To Factory Reset Google Pixel 3

How To Factory Reset Google Pixel 3? This something you may want to do. if your smartphone is acting up. Pixel 3 factory reset just want to erase everything on your smartphone back to factory Settings.

Maybe your flagship has a virus so you need reset Pixel 3. maybe it’s like not working properly. factory reset Google Pixel 3 want to just reset everything on the device back to its factory condition.

How To Factory Reset Google Pixel 3
How To Factory Reset Google Pixel 3

Also maybe your phone has a password and you can get into it a lock screen password. you can do a factory reset and it will erase that. so that you can log back into your smartphone and start using it normally again.

How To Factory Reset Pixel 3

How To Factory Reset Pixel 3? I’m gonna show you 4 methods to do. it first let’s go ahead and do it through the settings. and then I’ll show you how to do it with the device powered on.

  1. Go to Menu, in settings scroll down all the way to where it says ‘system’.
  2. Then here in system we’re gonna go towards just ‘advanced’.
  3. and then here in advanced we’re gonna have an option that says ‘reset options’.
  4. so that’s what we’re gonna use the ‘erase all data’ is the option to do the factory reset Google Pixel 3.
  5. Go ahead and hit erase all data. 
  6. and then it’s gonna ask you to come from one more time. and hit erase all data once you do that the reset process will begin. and it will take maybe about a minute.

Reset Google Pixel 3 letting you know that everything is gonna be erased. so make sure you do backup anything. that you don’t want deleted because everything will be deleted.

Is this method easy to do? How To Factory Reset Google Pixel 3? It must have worked. Try checking your smartphone once again, is it back to normal.

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