Google Pixel 4 Battery Life | We are Very Worried

Google Pixel 4 Battery Life
Google Pixel 4 Battery Life

Google Pixel 4 Battery Life

Before its release, in designing a smartphone Google should have tested how the Google Pixel 4 battery life is. But what happened? Battery capacity on Pixel 4 with a battery capacity of 2800mAh.

We are very worried, and maybe it will be a material consideration for you before buying it.

In full testing as a daily smartphone, It is a little frustrating to be very worried once again. Because the Pixel 4 battery life does not reach one day of use.

Actually, I wasn't sure I could make it past 7pm in one day without having to charge. Finally "Oh shit, where's my charger".

My usual daily activity is making phone calls. Actually this is something anyone can do. Where this is done when the charger is removed around 6:30 am.

And most people charge back around 11pm with a lot of app usage as well as web browsing [Twitter, Chrome, Instagram, and Google News].

Even on holidays, children often play some games or watch Netflix using smartphones. But this is not the Pixel 4 huh.

Usually we use the screen 3-4 hours on time and have 20-30% battery remaining. What happened? With the Pixel 4, I didn't hit either of those numbers.

Pixel 4 Battery Life Rating

Pixel 4 Battery Life Rating is one of the key numbers that can tell you how much time you get from a call before running out of battery.

Be it one hour of calls, one hour of video playback and one hour of web browsing. As per the picture, the Pixel 4xl battery life is 4,380 minutes.

Pixel 4 Battery Life Rating
Pixel 4 Battery Life Rating 

This means a smartphone will last for the length of time shown above after performing an hour of some of the activities described above.

Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 xl Battery Life Graph

Actually with such a battery size it's quite interesting how stable the battery life is actually from Google Pixel phones.

When it comes to web browsing, there's a slight upward trend in battery life, but it's a slight decrease in talk time. However, there was an overall increase.

How about the Google Pixel 4 graphics? Well, it seems that the battery life Pixel 4 doesn't really live up to expectations.

Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 xl Battery Life Graph
Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 xl Battery Life Graph

If you compare with other devices, there is a slight upward trend from Pixel to Pixel 3a XL. The Pixel 3 still has a slightly higher battery life when it comes to browsing the web.

But the most obvious conclusion to the Pixel 4's graphics is the battery life rating.

Surely you still remember when using another smartphone. The number of minutes your phone will stay on after one hour of calls, one hour of video playback, and one hour of web browsing.

But what happens, There is quite a drop in battery life between the Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 4 battery life / google pixel 4xl battery life graphics here.

One very logical explanation, why can it happen like this?

It's not just the battery capacity on the Pixel 4 that's reduced but also the inclusion of the rather fancy "Soli radar chip" and connected Motion Sense technology.

One of the reasons behind this is the increased battery drain that the technology brings.

Who would have thought that the use of batteries in smartphones is very complex, and combining it into one component is too simple, although the results can satisfy a variety of people.

However, with these tests you can tell at least one thing, the Google Pixel 4 Battery Life hasn't shown the improvement you expected.