Google Pixel 6a Specs [ Sale in July Only $449 ]

Google Pixel 6a Specs
Source Image: Made By Google

Google Pixel 6a Specs

Google Pixel 6a Specs | Finally, Google immediately release date the latest generation Smartphone for the Series 6, the Pixel 6A. After we find out through the official information via YouTube and soon we will know soon in July 2022.

Based on this announcement, we get detailed information regarding the appearance of the Google Pixel 6A. Namely Pixel 6A has a slightly smaller size compared to Pixel 6.

Take a look at the shape of the bumped camera which is slightly smaller than the Pixel 6. But it is quite interesting to look at, because it is very nice and looks more compact.

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The smartphone will start at $449. And I'm sure you'll be waiting for it because the Pixel 6A has the same chipset or capabilities as the previous generation.

You can see that the 6A will be super similar to the Pixel 6. Try to compare the design of the camera bar, the same type of glass, the Android series, live captions Even the camera features are almost the same.

The Tensor chipset is the mainstay of this smartphone from Google. Makes exactly the same as the previous Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. Has Google anticipated it because the Pixel 6 was only running 6 months ago, won't it result in a price reduction?

Only you will choose it.

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Google Pixel 6a Price

But obviously the main real difference between the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6A, is in terms of prices which are $599 and $499.

Google Pixel 6a Price
Google Pixel 6a Price

Take a look at the shape of the screen and the main camera installed, which looks quite interesting.

So for the size of this phone a little smaller. Because the premium Pixels that have been circulating both have a fairly large size.

The Google Pixel 6a has a 6.1-inch 1080P, 60 Hertz G-OLED Display, and it's the smallest Pixel size. camera being one of the other interesting things.

At least the company is saving money from the Pixel 6. Because of the size of the Bumped Camera that causes this. So it should cost Google will be cheaper.

6A embeds standard and ultra wide cameras. Before this we were very worried that it would have a cheaper camera than the Pixel 6.

Although it looks with a slightly new visual design on the camera bar which is quite attractive with 2 Cameras.

The main camera sensor is the Sony IMX363. Although that 12 megapixel sensor we have seen in some older Pixels, such as Pixel 4, Pixel 3, Pixel 2.

Of course Google is spending quite a bit of money because of the tried and true old censorship. But from the previous thing it might not be bad either.

Now we compare the material from the Pixel 6a and the battery size is almost the same. The battery can be one of the highlights, although it's the smallest compared to the other Pixels.

The Pixel 6A has the lowest refresh rate of any Pixel, but it still has the exact same Tensor chipset as the Pixel 6.

So we'll see how it is handled. Could be awesome.

Pixel 6a Specifications

The following are the Pixel 6a specifications:


  • RAM 6GB.
  • 128 GB Internal Memory.
  • Pixel 6a support water resistant IP67.
  • It does have an in-display fingerprint reader.
  • Battery Capacity 4400 mAH
  • 18 watts charging [but no mention of wireless charging]
  • 5G support.

Try to compare Google Pixel 6A Specs above with the Pixel 6, more or less the same isn't it. Although the price is also different from certain models. It looks like Google will be doing five years of Android security updates. So that's the Pixel 6A and that's the smartphone at a new price.