Pixel Buds Won’t Pair After Reset : How to Fix it?

Pixel Buds Won’t Pair After Reset
Pixel Buds Won’t Pair After Reset

How To Fix Pixel Buds Won’t Pair After Reset

Many pixel buds users are having a lot of problems. Google pixel buds won't pair after reset is one of the problems that many users often experience.

Here are some ways you can do if the pixel buds are not connected:

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1. Forget Bluetooth Devices

  • To solve the pixel buds not pair, delete the pixel buds in the Bluetooth menu. You can also select "forget" the Bluetooth pixel buds connection.
  • Open the charging case and leave it open. Also, make sure the pixel buds are securely installed in them.
  • Then you can press the pairing button and hold it for 3 seconds.
  • If the white box status light appears, the pixel buds are ready to be paired again.
  • Wait for a pop-up notification to appear on your phone and this setting can allow you to reset your pixel buds.
  • On some android devices, you can search for Pixel Buds A-Series or Google Pixel Buds in the Bluetooth settings menu. So you can add it as a new device.

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2. Make sure the Earbuds Respond

  1. After resetting the Bluetooth, to solve the pixel buds won't pair after reset is to plug in the charging case
  2. Don't forget to remove the pixel buds from the case
  3. Insert one earbud and watch the lights flash. If the light turns orange, the earbuds are charging. Insert another earbud to charge.

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3. How to Fix Pixel Buds Won't Pair After Reset

  • Plug in the charging case
  • Make sure the pixel buds are installed and leave the case open
  • Press and hold the button on the back of the case for 30 seconds
  • If the earbud status light does not reflect, then release the button
  • If the light flashes white and orange, the setting is ready to be reset.