Pixel 6 Always on Display Settings

Pixel 6 Always on Display Settings
Pixel 6 Always on Display Settings

How to Make Pixel 6 Always on Display Settings

Google Pixel 6 can perform many tasks, from language translation to doing photography activities with a macro camera. But how to make the pixel 6 always on display settings and what can we do with the always-on screen?

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How to Enable Pixel Always on Display

Things To Do When The Screen Is Always On

Google created the Pixel 6 and 6 pro features to have an always-on display. Here's what we can do with the always-on screen:

  1. If this feature is active when you press the lock button to turn off the screen, the screen will not turn off completely.
  2. This always-on screen feature displays the weather, time, date, and icon for each new notification.
  3. Now you no longer need to place your finger on the sensor when unlocking because you can only unlock it in one step.

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Change Display Settings

Here's how to make pixel 6 always on display settings by changing the display:

  • Go to settings on your mobile
  • Click the View menu
  • Click the setting you want to change and click Advanced if you want to change other settings.

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Display Settings

1. Brightness Setting:

  • Brightness level
  • Adaptive brightness
  • Dark theme

2. Screen Settings

  • Wallpapers
  • Dark theme
  • Screen timeout
  • Screen attention
  • Screen saver
  • Lock screen display

3. Visibility Settings

  • Font size
  • Display size
  • Auto Play
  • VR Mode

Enabling the always-on screen is a great way to add functionality to your phone without any extra effort.

Pixel 6 always on display settings can be done on android phones version 10 and above. Unfortunately, the only drawback of the always-on display is the increased battery consumption.

If you want to save battery usage, we recommend trying to disable the always-on display and turn off the "always showtime and information" notification.