Pixel 4a Touch Screen Issues

Pixel 4a Touch Screen Issues
Pixel 4a Touch Screen Issues

How To Fix Pixel 4a Touch Screen Issues

Some Google Pixel users are experiencing various problems, one of which is Pixel 4a touch screen issues. If your pixel screen is having problems like not responding, blank screen, flickering, and other problems then try to solve it in the following way.

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1. Check Your Phone Screen

If you are having problems with the 4a pixel screen then make sure the condition of the cellphone screen is in good condition such as:

  • Make sure there are no cracks on the screen or the screen is peeling off
  • Try removing the screen protector
  • If you stick a sticker on the screen then try removing the sticker
  • Also make sure the screen is clean of dirt.

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2. Do This Way To Fix Pixel 4a Touch Screen Issues

Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Restart the phone for 30 seconds
  2. Find out if any application is causing the problem. You do this by activating safe mode and uninstalling the application you just downloaded.
  3. If in safe mode the screen still doesn't work then you can test the problematic part on your cellphone screen.
  4. To do this, touch the upper left corner and drag it to the lower right corner. If this goes well, then the screen not working issue is not caused in a particular area.

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3. Perform Advanced Troubleshooter

If the above method still makes the pixel screen not work, here are other ways to solve pixel 4a touch screen issues:

  • Disable developer options through settings and look for the System menu. After that, you can disable developer options
  • You can consider resetting your phone to factory settings to solve this problem.
  • If the pixel is set to factory settings, then all applications will be lost. You can re-download the application that you want to use.