Google Pixel Unresponsive Black Screen : Fixed it

Google Pixel Unresponsive Black Screen
Google Pixel Unresponsive Black Screen

Google Pixel Unresponsive Black Screen and How to Fixed It

A black screen is a problem that is often faced by Google Pixel users. This can be caused by several things and of course, there are ways to overcome the google pixel unresponsive black screen that you just experienced.

Here are some steps you can take to solve the problem of the screen not responding and black screen:

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1. Check Mobile Screen

The first step is to make sure your cellphone screen is not cracked, damaged, or peeling. Especially if you use a screen protector, try to remove it first.

2. Restart the Phone

Rebooting the cellphone is one of the most effective ways to overcome the Google Pixel unresponsive black Screen. You can press the button, restart for 30 seconds and wait for the phone to turn on again.

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3. Find out which app is causing the problem

Furthermore, if the reboot doesn't work, you can find out the problematic application. The trick is to change to safe mode and see if there are applications that don't work.

Also, try to draw a line from the top left corner to the bottom right corner to see if there is a problem with the touch screen. If there is no problem then it is most likely caused by a recently downloaded application.

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4. Turn off Developer Options

Unresponsive black screen can also be caused by developer options that are already in the phone settings. You can disable developer options via the settings menu.

5. Reset to Factory Settings

The last step to solve the google pixel unresponsive black screen is to try resetting it to factory settings. If all the methods above have been done but do not give good results, try factory settings.

Keep in mind if you change to factory settings then all data and third-party applications will be lost.