Google Pixel 5 Unresponsive Black Screen

Google Pixel 5 Unresponsive Black Screen
Google Pixel 5 Unresponsive Black Screen

Fix Google Pixel 5 Unresponsive Black Screen

In this guide, now we will tell you the steps and everything you need to know to troubleshoot and fix Google pixel 5 unresponsive black screen of the death. Some users might have issues with Google Pixel 6 with the software issues. 

However, if there are hardware issues, then perhaps you will need to get your phone checked. You can bring your phone to the shop, and asked for a phone check-up

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Fixing Google Pixel 5 Black Screen

If you are having your phone stuck in the black screen or having a black screen in the middle of your phone usage, then your Google pixel 5 is starting to be unresponsive, then there might be a certain problem with your hardware, and it can also mean there are some minor system crash. So with this in mind, here are solutions to fix Google pixel 5 unresponsive black screens. 

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• Force Restart

One solution to fix the unresponsive black screen in Google pixel 5 is by force restarting it. It is usually enough to fix some minor crash issues and firmware crashes. 

In order to force restart it, Hold down the power key for at least 8 seconds, and this will trigger your phone to enter booting. Until the Google logo shows up, then release the button. Wait until boot-up progress is finished. 

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• Charge Your Phone then restart

It is also possible that your battery has died out when your phone is crashed and causes your phone to be an unresponsive, and dead battery. Charge up your phone for at least 8 minutes, it is enough to power up your phone. 

Press the power key for 8 seconds, and initiate booting for your phone. 

If the problem persists, and you still can’t open your Google pixel 5, or your phone keeps repeating black screen, check your local store, and asked them to check your phone for Google Pixel 5 unresponsive black screen error.