How to Use Google Pixel Find my Phone

How to Use Google Pixel Find my Phone
How to Use Google Pixel Find my Phone

How to Use Google Pixel to Find Lost Phone

With the more sophisticated technology, you no longer need to worry if your cellphone is lost. Because there are many ways you can do just in case your phone is lost, you can still find it.

You can use the Find My Phone application installed on your phone. Then how to use google pixel find my phone? Here are some ways you can do to find a lost phone using Google Pixel.

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Find Lost Phone with Google Pixel

When you lose your phone, there are several ways you can lock or find your phone before someone else uses it.

To find or lock a lost phone, your phone must:

  • active
  • log-in google account
  • Appears on Google play
  • GPS on
  • Activate the Find My Phone feature
  • Connect with wi-fi and mobile data

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If your phone meets the requirements above, then you can find it in the following ways:

1. Use Google Find My Phone

How to use google pixel find my phone? The first way is to log in to android.com/find and log in using the lost phone's google account.

2. Lost Phone Notifications

If you have logged in using google find my phone, then the lost phone will get a notification.

3. Check the Map

You should still be on the android.com/find page and you will get info about the current location of the lost phone.

4. Unlock or Delete

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You can lock your phone with a PIN via this page. You can set a new lock so that someone can provide information regarding the whereabouts of your phone.

In addition, you can permanently erase all files and applications on your phone. You can do this just in case the data is not disseminated.

That's how to use google pixel find my phone. Use passwords and wipe devices to keep your phone safe.