How to Google Pixel Change Lock Screen Lock

How to Google Pixel Change Lock Screen Lock
How to Google Pixel Change Lock Screen Lock

How to Google Pixel Change Lock Screen Lock on Android 12

Last year, Google released the most anticipated Android 12 for its Pixel line of smartphones. If your smartphone is already equipped with this newest Android operating system, you will notice major design changes to the look. 

One of them is the lock on the screen lock. The digital clock is now bigger than ever, making you would not miss noticing it. If you are not a fan of this clock design, there are some ways to modify it. Here is how to Google Pixel change lock screen lock.

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Turn on Android’s Screen Saver

Enabling a screensaver on your Pixel smartphone is one alternative to use a lock screen lock. But unlike a regular lock screen, the drawback of this alternative is that you need to enable the screensaver every time you wish to see it, unless you charge your smartphone. 

In order to enable the screensaver, open the Clock app on your Pixel smartphone. Then, tap on the three-dots icon located at the top right corner. Then, choose the Screensaver option.

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Now, the screensaver will show up on your smartphone screen. If you wish to configure the look of this clock, go to Settings. Then, select Display > Screensaver. After that, you can select when you want the clock to show up, switch between the digital clock and analog clock, as well as enable the night mode.

Disable Always-On Display

The next way on how to Google Pixel change lock screen lock is by disabling the always-on display. If you get annoyed by the big clock, you can disable the always-on display, which is the one screen that it appears the most on. 

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This way, the clock will not annoy you when your smartphone is not in use. The clock will only appear when you press the power button. In order to disable this always-on display, go to Settings > Display.

On the next screen, select the Lock Screen option. Turn off the toggle adjacent to Always Show Time and Info to disable the always-on display. When you do this, your phone’s display will be totally turned off when you lock it by pressing the power button.

There is actually no official way you can change the lock screen lock on your Pixel phone. You cannot disable the clock module or change its style or layout. But you can do some adjustments mentioned above in order to change its look.