How to Get Google Pixel Live Wallpaper?

Google Pixel Live Wallpaper

Do you want to see wallpaper with motion effects? If it is so, use Google Pixel Live Wallpaper. The motion effects work when you touch the phone screen. Nowadays, Pixel Live Wallpaper is available on the Google Play Store. Check the steps on how to download Google Pixel Live Wallpaper below. 

Google Pixel Live Wallpaper
Google Pixel Live Wallpaper

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Go to the Google Play Store and Install the Application

Getting Pixel live wallpaper is easier today because you can directly install the application on the Google Play Store. Go to the Google Play Store and type Pixel Live Wallpaper on the search box. Then, tap the install button and wait for a few seconds or minutes until the process is complete.  


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Change Wallpapers 

Now, you can use Google Pixel Live Wallpaper and change the ordinary wallpaper you often use. Ensure that you are on the phone’s home screen. Then, touch and hold anywhere in an empty area on the screen. Tap the style and wallpapers option or wallpapers. 

Here, you will see several pixel-live wallpapers you can use. It is okay if you want to use your images. All you have to do is tapping the My Photos option. Pick the image you want to use as wallpaper. Indeed, you can use a curated image. Tap the category option and an image. The process depends on the Pixel in your phone. 

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Let say those who are using pixel 2 or later should tap the come alive or living universe. Then, tap the wallpaper option. Some Android devices ask you to download the image. If it is so, tap the download option. 

Those who are using Pixel 4 should set up the live wallpaper first. Tap the come alive option and go to a wallpaper option. It is also necessary for you to tap the download option to download first the wallpaper you want to apply. 

Set the Wallpaper 

Ensure that you set a new pixel live wallpaper to apply it permanently. Check the bottom of the screen. You will see the set wallpaper or done. Tap this option to activate the pixel live wallpaper. You can also pick which screen or screens show the wallpaper.  

That’s it! Your regular wallpaper turns into a pixel live wallpaper. This wallpaper looks more realistic, along with a bit of motion effect. Google pixel live wallpaper will make your Android look more attractive and interactive to use. You can even use Google pixel live wallpapers daily by tapping the daily wallpaper option if using Pixel 4 or earlier.