Google Pixel 5a 5G Specs : Battery Super Large?

Google Pixel 5a 5G Specs

Talk about Google Pixel 5a 5G Specs that are very important. The information provided by Google is The pixel 5a with 5g it's the lowest priced 5g pixel ever and it lets you capture connect protect and do just about anything now.

Google Pixel 5a 5G Specs
Google Pixel 5a 5G Specs

Some of these advantages we try to summarize as follows:

1. Pixel 5a 5G Screen Size 

so the screen has seen a slight increase in size this now is a 6.34-inch display. It's an FHD + resolution, it does have HDR support the material that it's built with is corning gorilla glass 3. 

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2. Processor

Pixel 5a 5G with snapdragon 765g processor with 6 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage. 

3. Battery Size

Now two of the biggest improvements of this smartphone over last year's model is the battery is super large. That just came out so it's certainly going to give you amazing battery life. 

Google 5a 5G has a 4680 milliamp hours battery. that battery is larger than the Samsung yellow c note 20 ultras or it's larger than the Samsung galaxy z fold 3. 

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4. Camera Features

The camera is the thing that stands out the most, because the results from the Pixel 5a 5G are very good. With very low light, it can produce clear images that look very attractive.

The ultra wide camera allows you to take photos of everyone in one frame easily. Wow fantastic.

Another one of the fishbowl effects you can adjust the light in the image, after you take it with portrait light.

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5. Protect Data & Privacy

Google Pixel 5a 5G which uses a custom-made titanium security chip to protect you.

your phone and your data it's just looking out for you take your privacy further with a locked folder for securing pictures of personal documents and secret birthday ideas.

6. Screen Unknown Number

The pixel 5a 5G can screen unknown numbers to catch spammers and unwanted callers, send bank account info now don't think so okay it's secure.

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7. Water Resistant

Another huge improvement over last year again with the 4a 5g we did not have water resistance with this one we actually have ip67 water resistance.

so it's gonna be protected against spills and splashes of water.

8. Other Specs Pixel 5a

oh, bet you didn't see that coming good thing the pixel 5a can tell when you're in an accident. and call for help check it out car crash detection.

what if I get bored that's an easy one the pixel 5a works on 5g so if you love action movies you just download one and boom not so bored anymore.

The picture full HD now says you're cruising along and you go through a dead zone. if only you had downloaded a playlist oh wait the pixel 5a already did that for you based on tracks.

you like in youtube music cool right but can the battery keep up extreme battery saver lets the pixel 5a run for up to two full days.