How to set up pixel 5 fingerprint sensor : SIMPLY and QUICKLY

Pixel 5 is the best kind of phone that has come recently. There are many people waiting for his arrival. This is a favorite phone because it is equipped with some great and modern features. One great feature to enjoy is the Pixel 5 Fingerprint. Yes, by using this feature, you can easily unlock your phone in a safe way. Nobody else will be able to unlock your phone because of the Pixel 5 Fingerprint Reader. So, it will be useful for you.


How to set up pixel 5 fingerprint sensor
How to set up pixel 5 fingerprint sensor

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How to set up pixel 5 fingerprint sensor not working

With regards to the Pixel 5 Fingerprint, you should know that there are simple steps to set it up. Are you curious about them guys? If so, just follow these methods properly!

  • Swipe up on the screen: The first step you can take to set up a fingerprint on your Pixel 5 is to touch and swipe the screen. In fact, it is used to display all applications. You can do this from the home screen.
  • Navigate Settings: The second step is to navigate the Settings icon. Then, please select the Security and Location option.
  • Tap Pixel Imprint: After the second step is complete, it is recommended that you tap on the Pixel Imprint option.
  • Tap Next: From the "Unlock with Pixel Imprint" screen, you can tap the Next icon. If appears, please enter your current PIN, password or pattern.
  • Select the backup screen lock option: In this section, you have to select an option to make it your backup screen lock. For example, Pixel Imprint + Pattern, and so on. Once you do, you can follow the instructions to set up a backup screen lock.
  • Put your finger: You can do it this way on the "Touch sensor" screen. When you do, you have to wait for the phone to vibrate. Then, you can pick it up when it happens.
  • Press the sensor: On the “lift then touch again” screen, you can continue by pressing the sensor multiple times until it shows done.
  • Tap Done: You can end this process by tapping "Tap Done".

Will Google pixel 5 have fingerprint scanner?

Google pixel 5 have fingerprint scanner for Secure your cell phone. Because there is nothing in common between one fingerprint and another, the existence of the Google Pixel 5 Fingerprint will guarantee the security of your cellphone. This means that no one else will be able to unlock or unlock your phone using their fingerprint when it is locked. The phone will be unlocked with just your finger.

Benefits of Pixel 5 Fingerprint With this feature on your mobile, you will get several advantages of it. one of them is Quick unlock. With this feature, you can quickly unlock your phone. You can do this by simply placing your finger on the screen and the phone will unlock afterwards.

Well, that's all about How to set up pixel 5 fingerprint sensor and the benefits of this feature. Enjoy this feature by getting this mobile.