How to unlock Google Pixel without losing data : This is FREE

Unlock Google Pixel wihtout losing data, Really!!

You are protected by a pattern. I can unlock the phone by doing an effect reset. but if I affect this phone reset I will lose all the data stored in this phone. which I really don't want because those files are so important to me. so how to unlock google pixel without losing data?

This method uses the Android SDK tool to unlock your Android device without losing data. but for this method to work properly USB debugging must be enabled in your honor twice. if your speedy buggy is not activated then this method will not work for you. and remember this method may not work with all of you. I have seen several people unlocking their phones using this method.

How to unlock Google Pixel without losing data
How to unlock Google Pixel without losing data

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#1. First STEP, Install Software

  • Download these two programs on your computer.
  1. https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/official-tool-windows-adb-fastboot-and-drivers-15-seconds-adb-installer-v1-4-3.2588979/
  2. https://developer.android.com/studio/releases/platform-tools
  • the first link
  • and it's gonna take you to this page from space.
  • Download ADB to installer.
  • then click on the second link and it's gonna take you to this page.
  • from this page you can download SDK platform tools for Windows if you are using Windows if you are using Mac download for Mac.
  • so I've already downloaded it okay before you play with these two tools.
  • make sure you disable antivirus for a few minutes.
  • after that open aplication platform tools and we set up click on yes okay.
  • after that type here Y and hit enter and again press Y Enter.
  • Then here says do you want to install the device driver so I'm just gonna say yes press Y and hit enter once again.
  • Open up a setup wizard then click on next.
  • and it's gonna install ADB drivers on your computer as you can see mine is already installed so I'm just gonna click on finish.

#2. Second STEP, Command Window.

  • Now open up this file platform tools then extract it into your Computers.
  • seed right so I'm just gonna drag it in my C Drive.
  • now you should have platform tools on your C Drive now open up this folder then copy the path or address of this folder.
  • after that right click on my computer icon.
  • then click on properties.
  • now click on advanced system settings.
  • next select environment variables.
  • now from here double click on the path.
  • then click on edit.
  • and at the end of this address just put a semicolon then test the address that you just copied so I'm just gonna paste it.
  • after that click on ok.
  • ok
  • ok
  • and close the spot.
  • now go back to your platform tools folder.
  • now from your keyboard press and hold shift.
  • after that right-click on any blank space.
  • then you should see an option called open command window.
  • here just click on it then it's gonna open CMD inside this folder.
  • now type here adb hit enter as you can see in this script is running successfully.
  • which means adb is working perfectly in my computer.

#3. Third STEP, Connect Phone.

  • connect your phone to PC with the USB cable.
  • Phone is connected up that type here adb devices to see whether your device is connected or not
  • Now you can see my device is connected.
  • okay after that type here adb shell.
  • adb space shell hit enter okay now type the following commands.
  • if your phone is protected with a pattern then use this command: RM /DATA/SYSTEM/GESTURE.KEY
  • if your phone is protected with a pin or password then use the command: RM /DATA/SYSTEM/PASSWORD.KEY
  • I will leave both of these commands.
  • in the description below so I'm just gonna type here RM space / slash data for a slash system forest slash gesture dot key.
  • once again if your phone is protected with a pattern use gesture dot key command.
  • if your phone is protected with a password or PIN then use password dot key in my case my phone is protected with a pattern so I'm just going to use gesture.
  • don't keep after that hit enter okay.
  • after the command is successfully
  • executed now disconnect your phone from PC.
  • after that restart your phone.
  • Use any pattern or pin code to unlock your phone. and it will work.

as I said before at the beginning of this Tips tricks How to unlock Google Pixel without losing data, might not work with all of you guys, And google is always updating its security system. just try this.

How do I bypass Google Pixel 2 lock screen?

As explained in the article above, more or less the way to bypass Google Pixel 2 lock screen is the same. However, because Google is always improving its security level, this method may not be suitable now. Good luck.

How do I bypass Google pixel 2 lock screen
How do I bypass Google pixel 2 lock screen

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Unlock Google Pixel to any Network

Can I unlock google pixel to any network? you bought a Google Pixel not through the Google Store, but through a service provider or even another vendor, chances are that your phone is blocked with a SIM card. Again, the phone may remain locked from the SIM card for up to two years, as determined by your service provider.

So, basically, you are carrier dependent and you may have to wait until the lock is unlocked (the period starts when you buy or rent a phone). Often times, the operator will also ask you to pay the full amount of the call before you can open it.

If you can't wait to unlock your phone from your carrier for free, fortunately, some paid options claim they can unlock your device right away.

The recommendations are as follows:

  1. UnlockMySIM.com
  2. SafeUnlockCode.com
  3. theunlockingcompany.com

Before you unlock google pixel to any network using the references above, it would be better if you check whether it is valid or not. We are not responsible for what you do. It's just information that a lot of people use.

unlock google pixel to any network
unlock google pixel to any network

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How to sim unlock Google Pixel

how to sim unlock google pixel - for any GSM network worldwide with the help of theunlockingcompany.com. There are 3 reasons why you'd want to get your phone unlocked. 

  1. let's say you bought the phone for AT&T but you want to be able to use it for another network like t-mobile or Cricut or Metro by t-mobile while having it GSM unlocked.
  2. you want to take it overseas having it GSM unlocked and use it in that other country.
  3. adds value to your phone having it unlocked.

This step by step How to get Google Pixel unlocked:

  • Head into your phone's dialer and Dial *#06#
  • Gets IMEI information for the phone.you want to write that.
  • Then visit theunlockingcompany.com
  • select a manufacturer that you purchase the phone.
  • Then Select the model for the phone.
  • on the next page you're going to select the country you purchase the phone.
  • then it's going to ask you for that IMEI that you wrote a second ago. and a phone number in an email where they can send the unlock to once.
  • you input all that information.
  • it's going to ask you for some payment information and it's gonna set they're gonna send you an email once they send you that email you're gonna want to go ahead.
  • Turn the phone off.
  • Remove the SIM card that came with the phone and replace it with a non-supported GSM.
  • you power the phone
  • back on it's going to ask you for your unlock pin and you're going to go ahead and type in that pin that they provided to you.
how to sim unlock google pixel
how to sim unlock google pixel

Congratulations your phone will be unlocked for any GSM network worldwide. This website is only taking examples from people who have already done it, it may not be suitable for your problem. how to sim unlock google pixel? very easy isn't it. I hope this helps.