Google Pixel 5 User Manual loads These Amazing Features

Google Pixel 5 User Manual : Where is the pdf?

Same as the user guide, the Google Pixel 5 user manual is not available yet here. However, you can preorder it now or even since September 30, 2020. In early October, exactly on the 15th date of the month, it appears in the US. The price is so affordable starting from $699. 

You can also preorder with the payment of $29.12/ month for 2 years. Keep spirit to have it although you do not find the Google Pixel phone manual instructions and user guide. Everything is fine!

Google Pixel 5 User Manual
Google Pixel 5 User Manual

As a lover of Google's flagship, you definitely need a Pixel 5 manual in pdf file. No need to worry, this website provides google pixel 5 manual in the format you are looking for.

Google Pixel 5 user manual in pdf format you can visit the page below.

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Google Pixel 5 User Manual is still secret as a surprise

Plenty of interesting things to know from the phone then the user manual. Nonetheless, get it soon after the Google Pixel 5 user manual releases in public. Now, continue your step for knowing more about the phone from Google. 

Pixel 5 Manual : Video First Set-UP

Let the manual instruction still becomes the secret and you can know the main key specs below:


1. Ultra-wide internal storage

Google Pixel 5 that runs using Android 11 provides a large storage space enough. The mobile phone that releases in many countries offers 128GB for internal storage.


2. Biggest RAM

As the highest level of Google Pixel, it brings a larger RAM of 8GB. Of course, it is so high from the pixel 4 that still use 4GB RAM.

3. Battery capacity

Look! The processor, internal storage, and the RAM come great! It comes as a high-level and high-class smartphone in 2020. If you compare to the price it sounds impossible. But, it is true and Google has considered it properly. 

The greatness of Pixel 5 continues on battery capacity. You not only enjoy the big battery life from the capacity at 4080mAh. However, you also get the fast charging system from the supporting device.  

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4. Camera

Once more, the camera specs are fantastic where the main or rear camera has 12MP and 16MP. Alongside that, the front camera also brings 8MP that supports your selfie activities. 


Both rear and front cameras are excellent for producing photos and videos. It does not matter the time is day and night, the camera specs keep fantastic.


5. Fastest connection in the world

The Google Pixel 5 user manual may inform on the connection to utilize the internet. After pixel 4 uses 5G connection, the Pixel 5 continue it in better coverage. In the US, this fastest connection supports this smartphone so much. 

Google Pixel 5 User Manual
Google Pixel 5 User Manual is still secret as a surprise

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Pixel 5 Design and Color matches for the nuance of 2020

Never underestimate a product that sells inexpensive with glamour design. Google Pixel 5 has proven the greatness from several points above. Truthfully, the Google Pixel 5 user manual still saves many features more than that.  

Two of them are about the design and colors like black as well as Sorta Sage. When talking about the design, it relates to:


• Display

Google Pixel 5 brings a thin outlook that is comfy to touch by any hand. The factor of making it convenient to use is the large screen size of 6 inches. It has 19.5:9 for the ratio, 432 of the PPI, and the Gorilla Glass protection type. Once more, the resolution of Pixel 5 from Google is 1080x2340pixels.


• Slim design

Exactly, the Pixel 5 comes in the best slim body that looks so appealing. By the way, the weight of the phone is just in 151.00g. 

Pixel 5 Design and Color matches for the nuance of 2020
Pixel 5 Design and Color

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Now, you understand why the price and features of the phone sound impossible? Do not worry because the information is true from the Google Pixel. Even, it keeps improving the news based on the recent condition of the phone. 

Indeed, talking about the Google Pixel 5 user manual is never end. Although, you will get the real item after buying or pre-order and get the phone. Thank you for following the Pixel 5 mobile device from Google. Update your insight here! Good luck!