Google Pixel 4A User Manual Free for download PDF

Pixel 4a Manual simplify the transition to your new Android phone.

This is Pixel 4a Manual, step by step to replace the old Your Android phone into Your new Pixel 4a. Please Prepare Old Android's charging cable and New Pixel's charging cable, Then Quick Switch Adapter and SIM card tool from the box.

  • Preparation to back up your data with Find or create your Google Account.
  • Lets Start backup Text messages, contacts & calendar, Photos & videos and Music.
  • Please Insert SIM card to Pixel 4a SIM Tray.
  • Connect phone to new Pixel
  • Copy your data If asked, sign in to your Google Account. You'll see a list of your data. Tap Copy.
  • Finish setup Pixel 4a, When your data is done copying, you'll see a summary.

12 steps pixel 4a manual After you transfer the data from your old android phone, now you can enjoy your new Pixel 4a phone. so you're comfortable and confident.

  1. Set up manual on your pixel 4a.
  2. Get around on your pixel phone.
  3. Find & move apps around.
  4. Set wallpaper which you like.
  5. Change ringtone.
  6. Get Application.
  7. Get your messages.
  8. Limit notifications.
  9. Use a 5G network.
  10. Manual Connect to Bluetooth device.
  11. Get the most life from your battery.
  12. Prepare for an emergency call.

Hopefully with pixel 4a manual can help you. and you can as soon as possible using smart phones for their daily lives. Success always.

Pixel 4a Manual
Pixel 4a Manual
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Google Pixel 4A User Manual for download PDF

Some people doubt trying possessing a Google Pixel 4A but they are just too excessive. Although it looks having some weakness, who knows it makes you great. Moreover, you will get the Google Pixel 4A user manual

Pixel 4a Manual : Video First Set-UP

This guide makes everything easy by presenting an outline to learn faster. Indeed, you should understand it here first before downloading the Google Pixel 4A user manual PDF.  Okay, do not waste this opportunity to finish this article. You will realize soon why you should be here now.

google pixel 4a user manual
Google Pixel 4A User Manual Free for download PDF

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General Specifications and the Key Features in Google Pixel 4A User Manual

This page notes some general points as the user manual that elucidate Pixel 4A. Before learning deeper about the Google Pixel 4A user manual, know other things. It is such as the prices between $349 and $499. The phone that merely has black color offers the second price for a 5G connection. Well, turn back to the main topic, and here are some general key features and specs:

1. Dimension and battery

Pixel 4A releases on August 03, 2020, with a weight of 143g. The length reaches 144mm and the height is 8.2mm. On the other hand, it has 69.4mm as wide. Next, it is about the battery in 3,140 mAh with USB-C fast charging in 18 watts.  

2. Processor and Specification

Google uses the processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 chipset that works with Adreno 618 and 2.2GHz clock. Besides that, it pairs with the Android 10 operating system and 8nm process. Anyway, the snapdragon is the brain of the device and Adreno 618 is the graphic processor. Different from the other brands, it gets some supports from the Google Lens and Google Assistant.
For your information, Google guarantees will hold major updates for the system and security every 3 years. Talk about the specifications gets numerous facilities and the features completely. Google Pixel 4A user manual informs on the 128GB internal storage, 6GB RAM, and 3.5mm audio jack.
Get a support NFC, Noise suppression stereo speaker, fingerprint sensor, and GPS. There are also dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE 5.0, and Single Nano-SIM. Do not be disappointed if the internal storage cannot extend. It is because Pixel 4A has Titan M Security chips for additional security. 

 3. Camera features

The feature is what you truly wait for and need it so much. Enjoy various features during you use selfie and the front camera. The night shot comes with some modes such as portrait, astrophotography, and super res zoom. Utilize the modes of EIS, OIS, and Dual Pixel Phase Detection. Create eye-catching videos along with 4K video recording support and a Live HDR+.
The square-shaped rear camera is the single-camera in 12.2MP from Sony IMX363. It looks simple at a glance with an LED flash but you have heard the interesting photographic features. The selfie camera locates in a small hole with an 8 megapixel Sony IMX355. Exactly, it is in the upper left corner of the screen.

4. Design

Lastly, it reveals the design that comes in a punch-hole display packing. This smartphone looks compact and comfortable with a thin bezel surrounding the polycarbonate body. Google Pixel 4A user manual adds some important information like a 5.8-inch OLED panel and Full HD Plus resolution. Even, it supports with 19.5: 9 aspect ratio and a 60Hz refresh rate.

google pixel 4a user manual
Google Pixel 4A User Manual Free for download PDF

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Download here your Google Pixel User Manual in PDF Format

Precisely, you download the Google Pixel 4A user manual in PDF here! Why do have and download it? It is because Google never launches the user manual even since in the first Pixel phone generation. The users only can see it online and download it in PDF since Pixel 1. On the contrary, you never find the user guide in PDF because it is just available online. Roughly, what are the benefits of mastering the user manual of Pixel 4A? Numerous advantageous inside the user manual such as:

• Setup and change setting your Pixel phone

Of course, changing the setting and set it up are so essential to upgrade the performance of the phone.

• Explore the phone like making calls, sending messages, using apps, and tutorials

By mastering the user manual, you will not be afraid and doubt about exploring Pixel 4A. Even, it becomes a good chance to optimize the mobile device that is low budget.

• Learn your Pixel phone to understand the software, hardware, and use accessories

Understanding the components in detail helps to upgrade, update, improve, and so on.

• Give protection also get support to the smartphone

If you learn the Pixel phone you can also get support and give protection. It is so essential!

Download here your Google Pixel User Manual in PDF Format
Download here your Google Pixel User Manual in PDF Format

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Soon, click the link to download the Google Pixel 4A user manual freely in PDF. Today is your golden chance to undertake it. Download, learn, and practice the knowledge that you get here! Of course, you will not feel just waste your money or doubt the performance. Thank you for reading. Keep learning and understanding. Good luck!

Google Pixel 4a specs : This is SPECIAL Tips tricks and information for beginners.

Pixel 4a Full specification and Features in Detail. it will be very helpful for those of you who have just bought this flagship. Good Luck. 

Pixel 4a release date

Pixel 4a release date at a different time. Aug. 20 release in the United States, Sept 10 release in Australia, Oct 1 release in the UK and the only one in Asia is India on October 17, 2020. Do not worry you can get it in an online flagship store or the Google Store nearest your home.

Pixel 4a price

The Pixel 4a price is priced at $ 349 for the US market, in the UK at £ 349 and in Australia for AU $ 599. For in Asia, especially India priced at Rs 26.290. When compared with the previous pixel generation is slightly cheaper price that is worth $ 50 / £ 50 / AU $ 50. 

Google pixel 4a size

Google Pixel 4a size is very compact for those of you who like a simple smartphone. With a smaller size compared to the Pixel 3a, the previous generation of Google. The size is 144 x 69.4 x 8.2mm. But you don't need to worry about the wider screen display, this flagship looks really cool. This handset is easy to hold in one hand even if you have small hands.

Google pixel 4a screen size

Google pixel 4a with full feature with a 5.81 inch FHD + OLED display. So It's bright, clear and responsive screen. Produces a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels and an aspect ratio of 19.5: 9. The screen is also protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. 

Google pixel 4a camera specs

No doubt Google pixel camera specs 4a always produces higher quality images than other flagship. Using a 12.2MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera. The highly sophisticated process produces high quality shots. also supported using night sight technology.

Google pixel 4a weight

Google pixel 4a weight is only 143g, it is very light. If you compare it to the weight of the previous Google Pixel or the iPhone SE, it will be very different. How could it be because the pixels 4a made of Policarbonat thus helping reduce the weight handset. 

Google pixel 4a battery size and Pixel 4a charger specs

Google Pixel 4a battery size which is only non-removable 3,140mAh will drain significantly when you play videos or play games. But no need to hesitate because Google is already preparing fast-18W Pixel 4a charger specs in the box. Not supported with wireless charging.

Pixel 4a video specs

The Pixel 4a video specs produced from a 12.2MP camera with a f / 1.7 aperture and an 84-degree are 1920x1080 @ 30fps for 4K video, 1280x720 @ 30 fps. You just simply point and shoot to produce great photos that are very easy for beginners. Fun is not it.

Is the Google pixel 4a worth it?

Google pixel 4a is worth it. If you want a device that is affordable and easy to set up this is the perfect fit. Every day has been using google assistant fairly say OK GOOGLE or you are already using 

Android Auto in cars will make memorable. The Pixel 4a also offers the convenience of taking quality pictures with minimal effort.    

Why is the pixel 4a so cheap?

Why is the pixel 4a so cheap? from which side did you compare it. if you want a smartphone that has a wide screen, a premium design, even a large storage area will certainly pay a higher price. And this Pixel 4a is not for you. One thing that this flagship doesn't have is battery life which is not suitable for gamers. 

Should I get pixel 4a or 5?

Tell me to choose I get pixel 4a or 5, if you have enough money, it's better to choose Google Pixel 5 because it supports 5G connectivity. Certainly more capacity and lots of the latest technology from Google.

Google Pixel 4a specs
Google Pixel 4a specs

Google Pixel 4a tutorial

This Google Pixel 4a tutorial is for beginners because a lot of people are confused about where to start. What can pixel 4a do? Check it out.

How do I use pixel 4a on my phone?    

There are several how to use Pixel 4a for those of you who have just bought a Google Pixel smartphone. Some settings that you need to know to get maximum results.

  1. Setting Night Sight Mode and Astrophotography Mode. Open Camera app, Then swipe across to the Night Sight mode, But for very dark scenes you'll be offered the astrophotography mode.
  2. Setting the Recorder app. This very sophisticated recording application already uses Google's AI, making it easy for you to transcribe audio in real time, so that it can easily convert audio into text.
  3. Setting Now Playing feature. Look for Sound from Settings, then choose Now playing.
  4. Live Caption Setting. Going to Sound then Live Caption in Settings. then You can turn live captioning on or off.
  5. Change the live wallpaper On Pixel 4a.
  6. Setting the always-on display. Tap Idle lock screen on Pixel 4a to make your choice.   

Pixel 4a setup instructions

we've just unboxed the google pixel 4a now let's get into the initial settings. all right guys so we've just unboxed the pixel 4a and i really wanted to do the initial walk through and settings. and see what you get out the box if you START off from a fresh.

How do I install Google pixel 4a?

now let's just skip that the wi-fi is not working because we've just had an outage here. so my files is not working at the moment. let's just skip everything and let's just see exactly what you get accepting your life away here.

so it's asking for your screen lock one thing.that i did forget to add to the unboxing is that it does have a fingerprint scanner in the back. you can see it was pretty fast you do have you do have a setup already.
now let's just take a look at the apps that come out the box.

so you have just all google apps we don't have any type of bloatware apps no video games or nothing like that so you have your essentials which is absolutely perfect and that's one of the things i really like about google phones.

How do you complete pixel setup?

especially like the pixel line or whatever you do get that on deck so let's just see what you get here google fi i think with the team pixel guys we do get a month of free google fi not sure if that comes with  your pixel for excel but let's just i mean your pixel 3. i mean your 4a man there's so many pixels now all right so on the inside.

here let's see if there's anything that you can add location hotspot. invert colors dark theme definitely going with the dark theme option.

you have a wordpress oh yeah okay oh all right so i got just that first and then add it. okay so do that turn on dark theme.

all right so there you go that's a little bit better for the camera anyways all right so let's just go into settings. let's see how much the storage is out the box so at the box, you have 115 gigabytes of free memory just to let you know.

this wasn't backed up or nothing was restored on this. this is exactly how it comes outside the box without having to restore to a backup. so you're using 13.05 gigabytes of data 12 gigabytes of that is to the system.

all right so let's go into the android version so it is running android 10 out of the box with the august 5th security patch today is august 6th.

right so i did actually get this a few days ago. so it probably was a little bit more advanced. but this does have the latest patch so big shout out to google for actually sendingthis out to me.

the unboxing is that it does have the fingerprint scanner in the back so if you guys watch that unboxing.  

How do I transfer data to a new pixel phone?

  •         Connect your old phone to your New Pixel 4a with the Quick Switch adapter.
  •         Plug USB A into the Adapter Installed on the Pixel Phone then Micro USB to the old Phone.
  •         Don't forget to Unlock your Pixel Phone.
  •         Tap Copy, to continue to Copy Data.
  •         Enter the credentials when requested by Google.
  •         After that Select "Choose what to copy" from the old device to your New Pixel Phone.

How do I customize Google pixel 4a?

Setting Customize the home screen.

  • Add, Move, & Remove an App.
  • To add an app to the Home screen,
  • swipe-up from the center of the Home screen
  • to access the Apps Tray,
  • select-and-drag the desired app
  • to the desired location on the Home screen.
  • To move an app, select-and-drag the desired app
  • to the desired location.
  • To remove an app from the Home screen,
  • select-and-hold the desired app then drag to "Remove"
  • at the top of the screen.
  • To uninstall an app, select-and-hold the desired app,
  • then drag to "Uninstall",
  • select "OK" to confirm.

Customize Wallpaper Pixel 4a & Styles.

  • To change the wallpaper,
  • select-and-hold an empty part of the Home screen,
  • select "Styles & Wallpapers",
  • navigate to and select the desired wallpaper.
  • Video wallpapers and motion effects
  • can increase battery consumption.
  • Select the Checkmark icon,
  • to change the Device Style,
  • select the "Style" tab,
  • select the desired style,
  • select the "Checkmark" icon.

I hope this Google Pixel 4a tutorial will really help you. Don't forget to provide input in the comments column. Good Luck. 

Google Pixel 4a tutorial
Google Pixel 4a tutorial

Pixel 4a camera guide

The Pixel 4a camera guide is actually very simple. Because this phone is designed for those who want to capture the moment in the easiest way. And users are spoiled for always enjoy the super camera shots. 

Google Pixel camera settings

alright guys so here we have Google Pixel camera settings.it is asking for your location that's entirely up to you. so you do have motion enabled. so that's basically like live photo.


if you take a photo you can actually see it, probably like a second before and a second after which is pretty dope. you could turn that off or you could leave that on.


with the night sight which is basically like night mode. so if you guys are in a low light setting you could definitely take some beautiful photos.


you just gotta hit that button and it will take a photo. just try to keep it still so it makes it nice and crispy. so you do have portrait mode here.


which you can get like the background effect when it comes to like the blurrish. and everything that you want to do. so if you want to take a picture of this guy right here has to be a little bit more farther. and it will actually tell you when it's in frame so you just take that picture and it.

Pixel 4a camera features

Pixel 4a front camera OR Selfie Foto with 8MP with Panorama, Photo Sphere, Slow Motion and Time Lapse.

  1. Google pixel 4a Night Sight 2.0
  2.  astrophotography pixel 4a
  3.  Pixel 4a camera options with Live HDR+
  4.  Pixel 4a camera features with Dual Exposure
  5.  Frequent Faces
  6.  Framing Hints
  7.  Level Indicator
  8.  Scan Documents
  9.  Social Share  

How do you use the camera in pixel 4a?

The camera in pixel 4a Setting in Commons :

  • Tap the Camera Icon.
  • Choose one, Rear or Front Camera.
  • Then Shutter, Please Take a picture or Video.
  • Scroll Right Then select the camera option (Night Sight, Portrait, etc)

Pixel 4a hdr settings

This is how to step by step Pixel 4a hdr settings:

  • Tap Camera ICON.
  • Tap the down arrow at the top of the viewfinder.
  • Then Open settings.
  • Tap "Advanced".
  • Then Turn on HDR+ control.
  • This is For Android 11.  

Pixel 4a camera pro mode

Pixel Mode 4a pro at it very much at all. Can be used on the front camera or rear camera. How to use it is very easy for beginners.

Pixel 4a camera guide is very important if you just bought this flagship. With the internal memory capacity is sizable enough you can berexsperimen produce images of interesting picture.

Pixel 4a camera guide
Pixel 4a camera guide

Pixel 4a buttons

The more sophisticated Pixel Phones by applying Pixel 4a buttons without being physically. Buttons embedded on the screen.

Google pixel 4a gestures

Gestures is an advanced technology created by Google. You don't need to touch the flagship directly.

How do I turn on gestures?

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap System.
  • Click Gestures.
  • Scroll the System Navigation.
  • Gesture navigation

How do you use pixel gestures?

How do I use Google gestures? Go To settings. Then Click System > Gestur. You can also use the fingerprint option to log in.     

How do I navigate in pixel 4a?

Pixel 4a navigation buttons with select 3-button navigation. if you want to go back to the old school ways.

Pixel 4a buttons
Pixel 4a buttons


It sounds strange when you cannot find a Google Pixel 4A user guide. But, it is true because Google never provided it since the first series (Pixel 1). The user guide is not available in PDF file and only gives online support. 

Fortunately, you find this page that provides the Google Pixel 4A user guide download in PDF. Do not worry this site is safe and credible. So, the information will not mislead you. See how to download and other knowledge to upgrade your insight.

Google Pixel 4A User Guide PDF as a Manual Instruction
Google Pixel 4A User Guide PDF as a Manual Instruction

Visit Link Below:
Download Google Pixel Phone Manual Instructions and User Guide on PDF

Download Google Pixel 4A User Guide PDF 2020

Downloading the Google Pixel 4A user guide PDF file format here is easy and quick. Click here and wait for the downloading process in minutes. Once downloaded:

  • Open Adobe Acrobat Professional and click View
  • Navigate Tabs and the last click Bookmark

By the way, you can use the PDF file for:

  1. Start using your Google Pixel 4A for the first time.
  2. Utilize the accessories and applications existing in the Google Pixel 4A.
  3. Protect as well as change setting the Pixel 4A mobile phone.
  4. Check the Android version and update it.
Download Google Pixel 4A User Guide PDF 2020
Download Google Pixel 4A User Guide PDF 2020

5 Things to undertake using Google Pixel 4A User Guide Manually

For your information, the Google Pixel 4A user guide that you have in PDF is the manual support. People also call it a user manual to support the use of the phone maximally. Here are 5 things or benefits from utilizing the user manual of Google Pixel 4A:

  1. Start operating Pixel 4A: In starting to use your Pixel 4A, the manual guide helps to set up the phone. It eases to assists your way during exploring the mobile device. Guiding the users in making calls and sending texts is certain. You also can learn the hardware, watch the tips of the phone on Youtube, and use the Pixel simulator. The simulator helps to interact with the tutorial.
  2. Use Apps and Accessories: Secondly, you will use Google Pixel 4A rightly in using the applications and the accessories. Well, let's discuss it one by one! The manual guide teaches the users for finding, open, and closing the apps. It also guides for downloading apps to save in your Pixel 4A. You may change the app settings and get helps using the applications. Lastly, it assists to disable or delete apps on this Android Google Pixel 4A phone.  How to use Pixel 4A accessories using Google Pixel 4A user guide manual PDF. It guides for using a Pixel Stand as the wireless phone charging. Set up a Pixel USB-C earbuds to use comfort. The guide informs on how to charge Pixel phone 4A and clean the case fabric. Alongside that, it provides a manufactured help from the Made for Google accessories.
  3. Change setting Pixel 4A: Change your Google Pixel settings quickly in several aspects. Feel free for setting the connection, network, device, account, location, notification, and interruption.
  4. Protect Pixel 4A: Here, you will protect your smartphone in some ways. You may start it by controlling the security settings. Learn how to lock and unlock the phone. Use Google Play Protect to assist in protecting from the harmful apps. Besides that, it helps to find your phone.
  5. Get support: In this section, you can check the version of the android for updating the operating system. Fix issues and how to contact us, and getting accessibilities on Android devices. The manual guide also helps to find Pixel 4A regulatory, safety, and warranty information.
5 Things to undertake using Google Pixel 4A User Guide Manually
5 Things to undertake using Google Pixel 4A User Guide Manually

Do you truly need Pixel 4A or must buy it?

What makes you thinking to purchase this phone device? Of course, the presence of Google Pixel 4A user guide manual PDF only one of the reasons for having it. Google released Pixel 4A and 4A XL in August 2020. Both have different prices at $349 and $499.

The camera features appear in 12,2MP for the rear camera and 8MP for the selfie camera. Pixel 4A uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 chipset and Adreno 618 graphics processor. The screen display size is just 5.8-inch OLED.

It turns out the camera features have numerous modes that support any capture both in daylight and night. Even, the features will make you keep capturing or cannot stop creating videos and images. Nowadays, Pixel 4A uses Android 10 but the manufacturer will give a surprise for the customers. It will upgrade the operating system from Android 10 to Android 11 this September.

Do you truly need Pixel 4A or must buy it?
Do you truly need Pixel 4A or must buy it?

Okay, it is still in the same month (September), Google will release Pixel 4A 5G. However, the availability is still limited in several countries and areas. Those are some reasons to purchase a phone that is affordable in 2020. 


It also becomes the reason why you must master the Google Pixel 4A user guide in manual PDF. Do not doubt the quality and the performance although it sells at inexpensive cost. Your Pixel 4A will get a major upgrade every 3 years. Well, thank you for reading. The information is so useful and important to learn and master it. Good luck!