Google Pixel 4A Review ensures for Buying or Not

Hi, what’s up! What news that you skip in this month? On August 03, 2020, Google Pixel has launched 4a series as the latest product. Nowadays, many references present the Google Pixel 4A review to take as an essential consideration.

But, the most readable source with simple comprehension exists here. The Google Pixel 4A phone review tells you whether this phone is truly suitable for you or not. If you see from the price you will agree direct! But, many things to reveal and know!

Google Pixel 4A Review
Google Pixel 4A Review

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Google Pixel 4A Review will ensure to purchase it right now

There are 4 points to answer you are curious about the latest series of Google Pixel in this year. It covers the camera, quality, size, and surely the price. All you read in this Google Pixel 4A review today ensure to buy it from your phone. Purchase it online and wait for the arrival. Well, look at below:

  1. Quality and update: Google Pixel 4A carries Android 10 right now but it will update in Android 11 in September 2020. Every 3 years, this mobile phone device updates the system and security. Anyway, the processor inside the phone uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G AND Adreno 618 is the GPU.
  2. Camera Specs: Commonly, the smartphone just has the rear camera up to 12MP but Pixel 4A dears presenting it in 12.2MP. In the meantime, the front camera or selfie camera has 8MP. Although it looks simple, numerous features make you cannot stop capturing. An Astrophotography mode and the Live HDR+ help to get the best view of the stars. Even, the Live HDR+ makes the result looks real. Google Pixel 4A review informs on the presence of a dual-exposure control. You need it to dial in the desired level of exposure and shadows. The portrait mode is quite good resulting in some great photos. On the other hand, the daylight shot can manage high-contrast scenes properly. So, the look does not over-saturated or over-sharpened. Once more, the night shot maintains good saturation and detail. Also, it improves a white balance to manage the color temperature.
  3. Size of Pixel 4A: Next, the review is about the size of Pixel 4A with the weight at 143g. The display screen size is solely 5.81” OLED with the dimension at 8.2mmx144x69.4. Google Pixel 4A has 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage.
  4. Cheapest price: Only by spending $349, you will possess Google Pixel 4A or you add $150 for getting this phone in 5G. Purchase it through Google Store, Google Fi, Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, and Verizon. Get it also in Xfinity Mobile (Comcast), C Spire, US Cellular, or Spectrum Mobile (Charter).

Google Pixel 4A Review will ensure to purchase it right now
Google Pixel 4A Review will ensure to purchase it right now

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Some Weaknesses that Google Pixel 4A Review

It turns out Google Pixel 4A review claims that the performance supports the gamers so much. Moreover, the phone has a headphone jack but you should hear the weaknesses too. It includes:

  • Color: Pixel 4A just provides one color in black. It implies you cannot possess it in other colors like the prior series.
  • Camera: Behind the greatness of the camera features, you should know another side of the camera. Firstly, one lens camera on the rear cannot zoom the capture. It also does not have a depth sensor and a wide-angle. Occasionally, you need to squint when taking photos. Secondly, the performance of the camera is not good for making videos.
  • Battery: Talk about the battery, you merely have the capacity in 3,140mAh. It only survives about 5 hours in a medium usage. Google Pixel 4A does not carry a wireless charging.
  • Others: What do you will hear from the last review of the day? By the way, Pixel 4A gets a slowdown performance after you use it for about 25 minutes. Primarily, you use it for heavy use. Besides no wireless charging, it also releases without a MicroSD slot. Nonetheless, the internal storage is more than enough for storing your photos, videos, games, music, and other data. Or, you add it through a Google cloud. The Google Pixel 4A review adds that it has numerous whistles and bells.
  • No water resistant: Lastly, the phone is no water resistance so you must be careful when playing near the pool. Keep it from the rain, beach, oil, and other stains.

Some Weaknesses that Google Pixel 4A Review
Some Weaknesses that Google Pixel 4A Review

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Luckily, you stay in the US where you can buy it in 5G. Google still sells it in limited areas such as Germany, Australia, Japan, Ireland, Taiwan, France, UK, and Canada. Try to remember your purpose to choose this device! Never doubt to buy it if you consider it from the cost. It includes a great phone for the price under $500. 

What do you think after reading the Google Pixel 4A review? You can also take it for getting new experiences, simple design, and so on. Well, that is detailed information on the Pixel 4A! Feel free for adding new review in the comment if you know and willing to. Help to perfect this page for the better and more accurate reference. Thank you for reading. Good luck!