How to Force Restart and Hard Reset Google Pixel Phone : Frozen?

Force Restart Google Pixel Phone : How to?

Google is now trying a smartphone product to solve the Google pixel phone. Well, it is getting more and more popular because it completely Apps brings together with its functions. Moreover, it is affordable. However, it could find even a problem while using this device. 

It can suddenly frozen or irresponsible. Do not worry. They have to just start again. Then how to force restart Google pixel phone when it is irresponsible? Well, there are two ways your pixel smartphone to restart. They are Hard reset and soft reset pixels Phone. You will be in both directions soon discuss below!

How to Force Restart Google Pixel Phone If It Is Frozen?
How to Force Restart Google Pixel Phone If It Is Frozen?
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How to Soft Reset Google Pixel Phone

If your pixels frozen phone, you should calm down. You soft reset carefully. Why soft reset? This is because it is easy to do. Also, you will not lose your data. Let us examine how to soft reset Google Pixel Phone is below!
  1. Press and hold the power button that exists on the upper right side of the smartphone itself.
  2. Keep it vibrates and down until it restarts by itself. Normally you have to hold the button for 7 to 10 seconds.
  3. If your device is shut down, repeat steps one and two to be successful.
How to Soft Reset Google Pixel Phone
How to Soft Reset Google Pixel Phone
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How to Force Restart Using Hard Reset on Google Pixel Phone

If your pixels are slower because you install unpermitted Apps, for example, it is best to do a hard reset. You might know it as a factory reset. You must realize that your permanent smart phone reset with all data on the phone to delete. It includes photos, videos, apps, and others.

Still interested in your device hard reset this? Then some steps have on how to Hard Reset on Google Pixel Phone below!
  1. Press and hold the power button off your frozen or irresponsible smartphone. The button is located on the upper right side of the unit already removed.
  2. Press the power button at the same time along with the volume button. Do it for 5 to 10 seconds.
  3. will be from these buttons when the quick start mode will see on the phone's screen.
  4. Tap the recovery mode. Then, wait until you see appear the Android robot icon image.
  5. Repeat step number 2. However, selects the volume up button instead of the volume button.
  6. Select factory reset or wipe all data. Wait it works.
  7. Tap new system starts now. Then your phone itself will start the data. And Voila! Your device will be as you first buy, it is new to his factory only apps.
How to Force Restart Using Hard Reset on Google Pixel Phone
How to Force Restart Using Hard Reset on Google Pixel Phone
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Know the benefits of How to Force Restart Google Pixel Phone After, it is advisable to have a choice to fix your mistakes.

Hard Reset Google Pixel to Factory Settings and Some Preparation

Every smartphone Likes Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3a and Google Pixel 4 always comes with factory settings where utility has a big effect. However, not everyone is able to do it because this method is rarely used. By the way, how to Hard Reset Google Pixel

You definitely never expect anything to go wrong on your high-end smartphone. However, it is fine to know as a way of anticipation. On the other hand, mastering resetting Google Pixel to factory setting is very important. Let's add your knowledge of these settings along with some information.

How to Hard Reset Google Pixel in 6 Easy Steps

Some problems ask you to Hard reset their Google Pixel as the only solution. Usually, they do it because the phone starts slowing down. They can't type the keyboard and so on. As it turns out, resetting to factory settings doesn't take time and steps. 

You'll do it in about 60 minutes with these 6 steps:

  • Go to Settings and Select This.
  • Keep pressing System Options, Advanced, and reset.
  • Then Tap Erase all data (factory reset) then Reset phone. Have your PIN, pattern or password ready if necessary.
  • Tap Erase everything. Its function is to delete all data from the internal storage of your phone.
  • Then tap select the restart option after the process of deleting your cellphone data is complete.
  • Restore data that you have previously backed up.
Hard Reset Google Pixel
Hard Reset Google Pixel

Preparation before Hard Reset to Factory Settings on Your Google Pixel

Performing a hard reset from factory settings means that all data on the phone is gone. Are you willing to lose all pictures, contacts, some important information? Follow these tips to avoid it below:

1. Username and password

In the third step above, you will likely have to enter your username and password. Check by opening Settings and tapping Accounts and Google (optional). After that, you may see your username and password. Don't forget about screen lock or pattern to unlock phone.

2. Backup Data

First, You must Back up all data on your phone to your Google account. If you don't back it up, you will permanently lose all data. Meanwhile, you can recover data from your Google Account.

3. Plug & Connect

Factory reset can take up to an hour to charge your Google Pixel phone. Leave them connected until the reset is complete. Apart from power, also connect to a Wi-Fi or cellular network until the process is complete.

Knowing Hard Reset Google Pixel to factory settings can give you more peace of mind. When there is a problem, you can do it yourself (reset) without bringing it to the service center. Cool! 

Google Pixel Hard Reset Can Make Productive Again?

Google Pixel Hard Reset with 2 Methode can set the Pixel back to factory default data and settings. Be Carefull This Methode can Make Erase all data from your phone storage.

Google Pixel Hard Reset
Google Pixel Hard Reset

Google Pixel Hard Reset Without Buttons

  • Go to “Settings
  • Then “Backup & reset
  • Click “Factory data reset

Google Pixel Hard Reset With Buttons

  • Please make the device POWER OFF.
  • Press and hold the “Power” and “Volume Down”.
  • Press volume buttons Then Select “Recovery Mode“ or "Factory Reset".
  • Press and hold “Power Buttons” to Confirm.
  • Select "Yes > delete all user data" with hold "power buttons".
  • To Restart Now please select "reboot system now"
  • Success Google Pixel Hard Reset Done.

How to Do Hard Reset Pixel 2 to Restore a Factory Setting

Restoring a factory setting will restore smartphone software to the earlier condition. It will be a soft reset having functions when your smartphone is not responsive or freezing. These are some ways on removing the software of hard reset Pixel 2 to the factory setting. 

hard reset pixel 2
hard reset pixel 2

What Are Soft Reset and Hard Reset Pixel 2?

You may get confused about the two differences between soft reset Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 hard reset. What is a soft reset of pixel 2? 

A soft reset Google Pixel 2 may be a condition of your smartphone screen frozen. When you want to handle it, you need to use a soft reset. 

There will be some things to do. Firstly, press a button of volume down and power for 12-15 seconds. Then, you must hold on to the button until the screen is changing. You will turn on the software once. Reset will not delete and remove your data. It doesn’t influence the setting of your smartphone.

Steps on Doing Hard Reset Pixel 2

Meanwhile, hard reset pixel 2 is another step that you can do. You will have two ways to restore to the factory setting of Google pixel 2.

  1. Turn off your pixel 2
  2. After the devices are off, you can press the button of volume down and the power helps. It stays to touch until the android logo appears
  3. You can use a volume button to highlight restore mode. Now, you can use a power button to select it.
  4. You will see an android image. You need to hold on to the power button for two seconds. When you hold it on, press a button of volume up together. Then, release the button of volume up after three seconds. However, you shouldn’t release the power button.
  5. Hold the power button until your screen shows an android image showing no command. Let it turn off after you see the screen.
  6. You can use a volume button to highlight data removal or factory setting to confirm the choices.
  7. Next, you can use a volume down to select the Yes choice. Then, delete all data of users and use a power button to select it
  8. Devices of Pixel 2 will delete all settings and data directly. It is helping you to restore devices to the earlier settings
  9. After the process is over, you need to determine the reboot system now to restart your smartphone.

Notes: You have to be careful because by doing factory reset Pixel 2 all data can be erased. Back up.


Those are some ways of doing hard reset pixel 2 that you can do. Those can be applied easily. Good Luck.

The Ways on Doing Hard Reset Pixel 3 When You Forget Patterns

When you have read the explanation of resetting pixel 2, it is time to discuss hard reset Pixel 3 on your smartphone. You can apply the ways on repair software from Pixel 3 hard reset. When you want to factory reset Google Pixel 3, you can do the following ways. It is working when you forget the patterns of password for Pixel Phone. 

hard reset pixel 3
hard reset pixel 3

Steps on Hard Reset Pixel 3

A smartphone usually has its specifications. You can find software damage easily. Hard reset becomes the best solution to repair the software damage and human error like forgetting patterns. These are some ways of doing hard reset pixel 3 when you forget patterns.

  1. Turn off your Pixel 3 by pressing a power button
  2. Then, after it is dead, you can press the power and volume down button together
  3. After you have inserted successfully in a fast boot mode, you can remove all pressed buttons to do hard reset pixel 3.
  4. Then, you can use a button of volume to navigate and press a button of power to select it.
  5. However, when you see an android robot image appearing, you should press a power button for 2 seconds. Then, you press the button of volume up once.
  6. After it appears a recovery mode, you select wipe data or factory reset Pixel 3.
  7. Then, you select Yes and press a button of power once
  8. If you have finished, you should reboot the smartphone by selecting a menu of reboot system now.

Those ways are easily conducted to do hard reset pixel 3. It seems to be similar to the ways of doing hard reset pixel XL. However, when you see it carefully, Pixel 3 factory reset is closely different.

Tips to Do Hard Reset Pixel 3

When you have read the ways on resetting pixel 3, it is time to be concerned about the tips on applying it. You can implement these tips to hard reset Google Pixel 3 successfully.

  • You should identify the problems before resetting pixel 3
  • Then, don’t forget to conduct a hard reset pixel 3 based on those steps. It means that you should apply it well.
  • Don’t forget you don’t miss one step during resetting pixel 3 to the factory setting.

If you have conducted it all, you will successfully hard reset Pixel 3 without problems. You just adapt one by one step and not miss any steps in resetting.

Safety Guidance for Hard Reset Pixel 3a

Do you need to do a hard reset Pixel 3a? This way helps to fix your phone due to some error or slow performance. The following reading contains information about how to do a Pixel 3a hard reset simply.

hard reset pixel 3a
hard reset pixel 3a

Be sure to know the symptoms before you start factory reset Pixel 3a. Thus, you will understand how to fix the issue on your phone. 

Notes: Before you do Pixel 3a factory reset, make sure you have backed up the data first. Good Luck.

Google Pixel 3a Specifications

  • Understand the phone specification to fix the problems. This type of phone has an LCD screen with 5.6 inches. 
  • The processor is Qualcomm SDM670 Snapdragon 670.
    This processor technology has 10nm. Besides, it uses a graphic processor unit (GPU) of Aderno 615. It enables the users to play games with few delays. 
  • This phone has a single main camera of 12.2 megapixel and its front camera of 8 megapixel.
  • Additionally, its operating system uses Android Pie 9.0 but can be upgraded to Android Ten 10.0. You can upgrade it without any problem. It is advisable to have fast and stable data connections for this upgrade. So, you can have a better performance for your device. If you require further information about this upgrade, you can browse it from a trusted website.

Recover Google Pixel 3a

Hard reset Pixel 3a lets you understand the device specification. The above explanation tells you that this phone has small specs, especially its internal memory.  

The storage for its internal memory is maximum at 64GB. Meanwhile, it does not provide you with external memory. So, you can not keep more photos and videos.

You can install the apps from Google Play Store. However, you have to be aware of the viruses or malware found in new apps. Your phone may have slow performance or even hang.

Some others may cause your LCD touch screen is not responding. Thus, you had better read many reviews before you download these new apps.

If this happens, you have to remove the temporary files and caches first. You can select between doing a reboot, restart, or soft reset your device. Once it works, you should download an antivirus app from Play Store.

You may find some recommended antivirus there. However, you only require downloading one antivirus. This antivirus helps you to scan all of your installed apps.

If the same problem still occurs, you should do a hard reset or master format your phone. It may erase all essential data from your phone. Therefore, remember to back up all your data before doing a hard reset Pixel 3a. 

Restart and do Hard Reset Pixel 4

There is a reason to do hard reset Pixel 4. You may have a new phone, but it becomes slow in performance. It even totally stops working.

hard reset pixel 4
hard reset pixel 4

If you have this kind of problem, do not need to worry. You can restart or hard reset Google Pixel 4. Learn about how to do it from the following information.

Restart Pixel 4

The phone's slow performance may dissatisfy you. It is even unresponsive and hangs due to the full memory. If this error happens, you can reboot or do a soft reset Pixel 4.

The step is simple. The following guidance to restart Pixel 4 can be helpful.

  1. Press the Power and turn on your Pixel 4. It allows you to activate your display.
  2. After it is on, you should press and hold your phone's Power button. It may take a few moments to do.
  3. In a few seconds, you can see three options available on the screen. You will see Power Off, Restart, or Enable Emergency Mode.
  4. Then, choose the Restart from your screen.
  5. Once you press the button, your device restarts now.

Doing this way will not erase your phone data. You are still available to access your data and files. However, if it does not work on your phone, you should hard reset Pixel 4.

Reset Pixel 4

In most cases, restarting the phone does not solve this issue. Your phone still is in error. Thus, you need to do a hard reset Google Pixel 4.

Unfortunately, there is a weakness in doing this method. It will erase all your essential data in your Pixel 4. It will turn your device into its original settings like new.  

It is better to back up those data before starting this. The below instruction tells you how to do it.

  1. Make sure your phone is on. Select and tap the Settings on the device.
  2. Once you can access it, you have to scroll down. Do it until you get Back up and reset. Then, tap this button.
  3. After that, proceed by tap Factory data reset Pixel 4.
  4. Continue the process by finding out the Reset Google Pixel 4. You can scroll down and then tap it.
  5. Next, you are required to do authentication. You have to enter your PIN or Password.
  6. Once you can enter it, tap the Delete all.

Hard reset will delete all of its contents as well. It makes your Pixel 4 turns as a first day bought. Nobody can access your files and passwords after the hard reset Pixel 4.

How to Do Hard Reset Google Pixel 4a

Here you can learn about tips and tricks of doing hard reset Google Pixel 4a. This Google phone does not have external memory. Many people choose this phone type due to several reasons. 

Hard reset Google Pixel 4a
Hard reset Google Pixel 4a

Apart from its reasonable price, its premium body design is loveable. It is one of Google's native smartphones. However, there is some issue with the software that may cause it to error or hang.

Specifications and Features

This phone has an LCD screen of 5.81 inches. It provides you with the processor of Qualcomm SDM730 Snapdragon 730. Moreover, it has a graphic processor unit or GPU of Adreno 618.

Similar to other series, Pixel 4a completes you with both camera sides. Its main camera provides you with a 12.2 megapixel, and its front camera has an 8 megapixel.

The internal memory enables you to store up to 128 GB. Although the internal storage can keep any data, it does not have external memory. Having 8 GB RAM allows this phone to have quick performance.

Soft Reset Pixel 4a or Restart

Pixel 4a may have enough internal memory to keep its fast performance. You can use this internal storage to install the operating system, including some factory default apps.

Unfortunately, your phone can perform slow and requires a hard reset Google Pixel 4a. Before you do it, you can restart or do a soft reset Pixel 4a.

This slow performance may come from bad apps that contain viruses or malware. It is better to read the review to enrich our understanding of specific apps.

Pixel 4a has a qualified processor for its multitasking operating. Yet, some apps may cause your phone to crash or corrupt. You may experience its LCD touch screen is not responsive, and it can’t detect your finger touch.

Hard Reset Pixel 4a or Factory Reset

If your phone still errors after you restart it, you need to do a further step likes hard reset Pixel 4a. However, this step will delete all your essential data. So, you had better back up your data first.

You can hard reset Google Pixel 4a using its software menu.

  1. Make sure your Google Pixel 4a is on.
  2. Check your Pixel Phone battery and charge it properly. This process allows you to have a battery capacity minimum of 50%.
  3. Then, you can proceed to the Settings menu. After that, you find the Backup & Reset menu and continue with factory reset Pixel 4a. Select Reset device
  4. Once you are done with the above step, you can choose to Erase Everything. 
It ends the process of hard reset Google Pixel 4a. Good Luck.

How to Back up and Hard Reset Google Pixel 5

If your device shows a slow performance, you can do a hard reset Google Pixel 5. The reason can be your phone has full memory or apps contain viruses. So, it forces you to do it. 

hard reset google pixel 5
hard reset google pixel 5

Bear in mind about this process. It will reset or erase all your data. A hard reset Pixel 5 can make your device return like it comes out from the factory.

How to Back up Your Data : Factory Reset Pixel 5

This process is essential before you do the factory reset Pixel 5. It will delete all of the phone content and data. It wipes all information from your Google Pixel 5.

If you don't back it up, you will lose every piece of information on your Pixel phone. So Copy your contacts, images, documents, and any essential thing from your device. Make sure to save it separately before you factory reset Google Pixel 5.

The following steps help you to save the data By online, Lets Check it out:

  • Begin by exporting your images, videos, and documents to the PC. Use a USB to transfer all the essential information. Besides, you can use Google Photos to keep your images back up.
  • Meanwhile, you can use Google Drive cloud storage to back up your documents and folders. You may also upload some files to this Google Drive before starting hard reset Google Pixel 5. Yet, if you expand the storage availability, it will cost you some money.
  • Next, allows the Cloud Sync from the device settings. It helps to save phone contacts and its apps.
  • You can go to the System, then continue by selecting Other. After that, choose Backup. All of this process enables you to sync your personal Google account.

How to Hard Reset Google Pixel 5

  1. You can begin by tap and hold the Power button at the same time. Do it until you can see the Power menu. Then, tap the Power off button.
  2. Continue by holding the Power and Volume down button. Once it is successful, the Start option appears. 
  3. Tap the Volume down button. Do it until you view the Recovery mode button. 
  4. Continue by tapping the Power to boot your device. This step enables you to have a recovery mode for your Pixel 5. 
  5. After you are done with the above step, you can proceed to the next one. It will show you the Android Robot exclamation mark. Additionally, you also see the No command symbol on your device screen. 
  6. End your process by holding the Power and Volume up button. 

Finally, the hard reset Google Pixel 5 is now complete. Good Luck.

How to Google Pixel Hard Reset Buttons

Hard Reset Google Pixel Buttons || A manufacturing facility will certainly collect the Pixel 1 {Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, Pixel 4, Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 5} rear towards manufacturing facility nonpayment information and setups. 

Hard Reset Google Pixel Buttons
Hard Reset Google Pixel Buttons

All of the information on the gadget will certainly be actually removed.

You can easily eliminate information coming from your telephone by resetting it towards factory settings. Resetting by doing this is actually likewise referred to as "factory reset" or even a "hard reset."

Steps by steps Google Pixel Hard Reset Buttons

  • At the very start change off the gadget by holding back the Power button.
  • Later on, push as well as keep the Volume Down button for around 2-3 secs.
  • While still keeping this essential push the Power essential for around 3 secs as well as launch all of the buttons.
  • After that select the choice Healing by utilizing towards browse Volume buttons, as well as towards verifying Power essential.
  • As quickly as the Android Picture reveals atop the display hold back the Power essential for a number of secs.
  • While you keeping the Power button rapidly push the Volume Up essential.
  • Utilize the Volume secrets to emphasizing the "wipe data/factory reset", and after that press the Power button towards verify.
  • Choose "Yes--delete all of the individual information". Utilize Volume Down button towards scroll as well as Power button towards choose.
  • So as to restart the telephone, choose "reboot body currently".

Excellence! The Google Pixel hard reset is actually performed!

Google Pixel Hard Reset with Phone Menus

Beginning with the House display, wipe the application cabinet up as well as select "Setups" > "Back-up & reset" > "Manufacturing facility information reset" > "RESET PHONE".

These Google Pixel Hard Reset Buttons directions put on each of the original Pixel 1 and also Google Pixel 1 XL models of the Google Pixel.

Google Pixel hard reset no command

when Google Pixel hard reset no command, Pressing as well as holding the power button for a couple of secs and after that pressing up on the volume key ought to have actually functioned. 


I understand it will not function if you attempt pushing each of the buttons simultaneously. Were actually you attempting to press each button simultaneously?

Google Pixel won't Hard Reset

if Google Pixel Hard Reset not working. You must be able to distinguish between "Hard Reset" and "Factory Reset". They are actually various. 


A "Hard Reset", although the gadget may state it will certainly remove every one of the information, can easily leave behind a few of your individual information on the gadget, as well as is actually performed in the phone's "Settings". 


It is actually likewise feasible that it can easily leave behind various other undesirable points on a gadget also. 


A "Hard Reset" will certainly clean all of information off the gadget as well as re-install the original data (no individual/set up things) as well as is actually performed when starting up the gadget.

If the "Hard Reset" will not help you, you might have actually an application or more on the gadget that's prohibiting it. Attempt rebooting the gadget as well as attempt again after the restart. 


If that does not function, you might effectively wish to support whatever you wish to continue the gadget and after that attempt the "Hard Reset" TO Factory Settings.

Google Pixel hard reset Slate

Google Pixel hard reset Slate is very important If your Pixel Slate appears to become operating slow-moving or even possessing various other software application problems, as well as you've tried all of the various other fixing choices, it might assist towards resetting it.

Carrying out a Google Pixel hard reset can easily assist fix specific problems, such as a slow-running gadget. When you start the hard reset, your gadget will certainly completely closed down prior to rebooting.