How do you use pixel 4?

How do you use pixel 4? did get a different experience. Hopefully, you are really satisfied with the new technology that is embedded by Google on the smartphone. so you can help with your daily activities.

How do you use pixel 4?
How do you use pixel 4?
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What can the pixel 4 do?

18 can the pixel 4 do that I have concluded and this is indeed an amazing technology applied by Google on its new smartphone.
  1. Pokemon Pikachu Wallpaper : The very first thing you should do with your pixels is coo over the phone's customized, adorable interactive Pokemon wallpaper. Once activated, you get a Pikachu virtual pet style on your home screen. The commitment of the new front sensors of the pixels, waving Pikachu, Pikachu is back wave, hold your hand over Pikachu and the yellow creature electro du sweet with love hearts, and if you get sick old Pika Pika, double-tap on your Pokemon to between the other four: Eevee, Grookey, Scorbunny, and Cobble.
  2. Super Fast Face Unlock : The first is Face Unlock. Google's new sensors on the front panel make some amazing things, unlock your phone only a being overlooking it. The sensors detect when you are about to pick up the phone and turn it to unlock the face, so it is ready and waiting. Then the second it sees your face, it will unlock. It is the fastest unlock method that we have seen, and much faster than Apple's Face ID. Google's Facial Recognition System is so fast that they actually put it to slow down a sentence on the phone so that users can see their lock screen when they want.
  3. Dark Theme : OLEDs : conserves power when displaying blacks, given the fact that they do not emit much or no light in the process. This is why most mobile phones with OLED screens, as the pixel 4s are, have a dark mode. By taking memory a little juice it dark in the display settings diving and blemish topic on the advantage of the power-saving feature inherent in OLEDs. Insert a black wallpaper and you will be on the tech, even more, its capital, such as a battery-saving boss.
  4. Live Caption and transcriptions : The pixels can now be transferred in real-time. Press the volume up or down-key, tap the balloon under the on-screen sliders and your phone's audio will be displayed as text on the screen. If you want to transcribe meeting minutes, you can even fire up the new recorder app to record, tap transcript for complete transcription - probably the best new feature on the phone from a productivity point of view.
  5. Styles and interactive Wallpaper : Pixel 4 is built Styles and wallpaper, you can finagling add a little flair to the interface without too much. The function is under Display> Styles and wallpaper, although you can also press and hold the Settings menu available on the Home screen and select "Styles and wallpaper" from the pop-up menu. Then you can change the color theme of the interface, ranging from blue to plain white to pink, and the shape of the Quick Settings icon and the system font. If you're feeling creative, you can mix any of the elements and create your own whimsical style. Murals are a fun way to express themselves, but what if you can interact with them? The pixel 4 of the Come Alive wallpapers are by the same "Styles and wallpaper" section. Select the wallpaper tab at the bottom of the screen, and then tap alive in the section wallpapers. Choose from a delightful Pikachu, varying sunbursts, or abstract art. Once selected, the wallpaper is interactive and in subtle ways in response to the movement of your phone detects movement of his sense function move along.
  6. Smart Storage Saver : Google app files have always been helpful for your Android phone inflate to hold free, although it often requires you to check before it makes changes manually. Pixels 4 The new Smart Storage feature automatically does the maintenance for you. Once you turn it on, it does not delete backup photos and videos after a certain time. You can rotate in the options bar Smart Storage under Storage> Smart Storage. With this function, you can choose a 30, 60, or 90-day interval before removing your phone locally stored photos. If you need an image later, you can access photos from your account Google (or wherever you back up your photos).
  7. Double-tap that camera to zoom : The pixel-4 has to jump an approximately 2-fold zoom on its second camera lens, but it you have to pinch your screen, it exceeded or not fully engaged - it's all very frustrating. While it is not immediately obvious, though, Google has a double-tap contains jump function, so that your screen quickly swap cameras pixels can put twice. 4 In this way, you reduce the risk of the digital zooming and get your chances of crisp shots every time
  8. quick toggle : If you swipe from the top of the screen down, tighten 4 notifications shade pixels down. Here you can receive updates - who messaged what is the latest on the United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum, and how much was your last Monzo transaction. Swipe down again and there are a number of gags. These one-press wonders range from simple things like WiFi on/off to grayscale so that your entire UI is monochrome, and in turn, less addictive. These switches can be removed and rearranged; all you have to do is tap the pencil icon when the menu expands, then drag and drop them to your will.
  9. Best FOCUS MODE : As part of the mid-digital well-being of Google, there is a function called Focus mode. This is a great tool for those times you just want to get your head down and crack on with the work that blocks distracting apps. be the focus mode in the settings of your phone in the digital wellness center for easy access or found as fast switching in your notification bar set. If you choose to fire the offending apps you stop keep living your best life, our Instagram, WhatsApp and Injustice 2, Flick focus mode, and just like that, they are blocked, is off until there are.
  10. Night sight For Shoot The Stars : The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL have a brand new mode astrophotography. Yes, a mode designed specifically to capture for the stars and all the galaxies in the night. Astrophotography pixel phones work by several long exposures of the collection and use of software in order to sew them together. These can be quickly handheld moments, or you can just prop your phone on a rock. You do not need a big tripod or need anything fancy. Then Google's night vision turns these multiple shots into a stunning photo. So not only is night vision better, faster, and just generally amazing, but now it works with the stars. Plus, the first few updates such as the December 2019 pixels 4 updates made the camera even better.
  11. Super Smooth HD Screen or Smooth Display : This year, Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL have some of the best screens of any phone on the market. Not only will you get a nice AMOLED display on both, but they have a 90Hz refresh rate. The pixel-4 can refresh the screen 1.3 more per second, so everything smooth, fast, and natural-looking. If you try the pixel 4 for the first time, it will very quickly feel and response. Part of it is 855-processor Android 10 and the new Snapdragon, but is a big part of the 90Hz AMOLED display.
  12. Smarter Google Assistant : Google made it to 100GB of cloud model to compress and artificial intelligence behind the Google Wizard in a tiny file that fits on each device. Your phone, tablet, laptop, and many more. In essence, the power and the AI ​​is the wizard on the device, which means it faster so worked up ten times, and without an Internet connection. It does not have more information to Google, and then send back to you, it is all automatic. Therefore, the demo video is was so amazingly fast. Note that they do not have to keep "Ok Google" to say to get help the wizard, and the wizard is smart enough to continue the conversation with ease. Then, the search giant will be some new features or a "pixel-drop feature" at the end of 2019 with even more features, controls and intelligent Google Wizard released actions.
  13. Active Edge : This is the "Active Edge" and you can use the phone, press the Google Assistant, mute phone calls, and to start a couple of other customizable options. In essence, the lower sides of the phone are pressure sensitive. You can press the phone (even if the screen is off) to immediately start the Google Assistant. Then it's asking a text to send, receive directions to a nearby coffee shop, or the weather. Everything you ask Google Search Wizard or Google homepage can ask for squeezing. In addition, when your phone rings and you do not want to answer, simply press the phone and it is the call to. This works well in the pocket, too. Go to the settings and adjust how sensitive the squeeze function is when you want.
  14. Best Motion Sense : Motion Sense puts a radar bubble over your mobile phone, you recognize, and can on your hands, arms react, etc. Not to mention the phone is always ready for use. You can try your hand across the screen to change deleted songs, and more "Motion Sense" controls come soon. It begins Face Unlock, as you reach for the phone before you pack it so that it unlocks faster. And if you in the morning turn off your alarm movement Sense "see" you reach for the phone and reduce the alarm volume, which is amazing. Then you can point out to completely close the sound.
  15. Super High Res Zoom Super High Res Zoom added on top of the camera 12MP 16MP Google a telephoto zoom lens, which is about 2x optical zoom can do, then use zoom even closer software. It's pretty wild. The combination of the "Super-Res Zoom" software with the 2x optical zoom, the new camera provides amazing photos and videos. Google said specifically zoom in on the phone and take a picture, and let the software do magic. Do not take a photo and crop it too. Zoom in and take the shot for the best results.
  16. Dust & Water Resistant: Google does not mention it much, but the pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL both have IP68 dust and water-resistant rating. So while you can probably get the pixel Swimming not take it if it falls into the pool (or toilet) you are fine and the phone will not die. the pixel 2 was only IP67, but the last models are IP68. This means the phone can handle for 30 minutes ft water and come to work just fine goes down by 5 Basically, one thing less to worry about while you are and enjoy a day in and day out over the phone. Go some stunning photos on a rainy day take, and you will love the results
  17. Dual Exposure Camera Controls : Dual Exposure controls on pixel 4 is a professional studio and lighting with you in your pocket, just a few swipes and taps away. It is very powerful. You can switch the camera on the dual-exposure mode and get two lines that fully control exposure and brightness, live, in real-time. This is not like a filter or Instagram how you can increase the brightness after you take a photo. It is so much more than that. Increase everything for the perfect shot or underexposure people for a unique shadow effect. You can do a lot of nice things and be creative with the pixels 4 cameras. many of zooming, changing the exposure to capture exposures of stars. It really is a powerful package that you want to be fully explored.
  18. Quick share ‘Social Sharing’ on your photographs : If you take a picture in the camera app, you might notice a small thumbnail next to it with an arrow. This is called a new feature Social Share, the shortcuts provide fast photo sharing on a handful of social applications listed only. The first time you tap the arrow, you will be asked on the applications or services that you want to see in the Social Share drawer, turn. In the future you any time, tap the arrow icons for the applications you have added, is in the drawer are available.
What can the pixel 4 do?
What can the pixel 4 do?
hopefully, from the 18 advantages, you can decide whether to buy this smartphone or not. May be useful.
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How do you press back in pixel 4?

How do you Back: A staple of Android navigation without back-button you can swipe left or right. This is the "back" action enabled on whatever you are, maybe on the screen so again in the browser back to Instagram or back to the home screen when it is nowhere else to go back.
How do you press back in pixel 4?
How do you press back in pixel 4?
How do you Go back to the home screen: you can return as a quick swipe from bottom to top. It just clears everything out of the way and takes it back to your PC.
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How do you use gestures in pixel 4?

The new gestures work as closely Unlike you to save a few pixels screen real estate, it's hard to see the advantage over the three-button system of old. In a way, it's straight-up poor, leading to conflicts with applications that require steal from the edges of features - such as the side menus in so many Android apps.

Fortunately, it seems not to plan Google, not to force you, the new gesture system to use, as it did with the third pixel But then I suppose this is something we need to be seen as soon as the pixels 4 comes out.
How do you use gestures in pixel 4?
How do you use gestures in pixel 4?
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In the meantime, if you have one of the devices running already capable Android Q, goes back to the classic three-button system - or the 2 key system Android Pie - is simple enough.

Simply go to Settings head> System> Gestures> System navigation (or just search, gestures' from the Settings menu). From there you will switch between one of the free navigation systems. The settings may vary on future Android phones from different manufacturers, but they should be available by similar means.

While I appreciate that Google's ability to switch us (for now anyway) here it is at least refined gestures in time for the final version of hope - and perhaps too original with some comes closest.